how to calculate ovulation and fall pregnant

How to Calculate Your Ovulation Cycle and Fall Pregnant

1k 0 29 Oct 2019

It is great to know how to calculate your ovulation cycle, especially when trying to conceive. When you are trying to fall pregnant, it can be helpful to know when ovulation occurs and when you are most fertile.
While you are trying to know how to calculate your ovulation cycle and fall pregnant, you should first know what that the term ovulation means.

get pregnant naturally

How to Balance Hormones and Get Pregnant Naturally

1k 2 01 Jul 2019

Hormones give orders to your cells to carry out specific actions. They help your body parts function in a coordinated manner.

Hormones are the operators of human reproduction, responsible for sexual development and controlling the menstrual cycle. The main reproductive hormones are estrogen and testosterone.


how to treat fibroid naturally

How to Treat Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery

1k 2 11 Jun 2019

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that develop in or around the uterus. They are a very common fertility issue. As many as one in five women may have fibroids during their childbearing years but not so many women know how to treat fibroid naturally without surgery.

Yes, it is very true that a high percentage of women will develop uterine fibroids at some point in their lifetime. Knowing what to do concerning fibroids will help you understand and handle the condition effectively.

becoming a father

5 Tips for Becoming a Father

1k 0 17 Jan 2019

5 Tips for Becoming a Father

These tips for becoming a father will help men trying to father a child. Men can have simple fertility tips put in place to bring their dreams of becoming a father alive.

Someone once told me how on her wedding night, her husband told her that in nine months’ time they will become mum and dad, and he said: “I can’t wait to carry my little bundle of joy”.

Nine months down the line there was no pregnancy. All the efforts put in place by the couple to achieve pregnancy were yielding no results.

10 signs you may have low testosterone levels

10 Signs You May Have Low Testosterone Levels

1k 0 03 Nov 2018

There are several signs you may experience that shows you may have low testosterone levels. What are the normal testosterone levels to keep you in perfect health? First, let’s look at what testosterone is.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s the hormone that puts hair on a man’s chest and the force behind a man’s sex drive. Testosterone helps build a man’s muscles, gives a man a deep voice, and enlarges the size of his penis and testes, all these happens in puberty.

10 signs you may have low testosterone levels

When a man becomes an adult, it keeps a man’s muscles and bones strong and sustains his interest in sex. This makes a man a real man physically and in bed (sexual performance).

how to fight infection naturally without antibiotics

How to Fight Infection Naturally Without Antibiotics

1k 2 25 Oct 2018

Infection treatment with antibiotics is very common but for those of us that have a story to tell concerning the use of antibiotics for an infection, where the use of antibiotics caused us harm than good, and when finally we get an alternative to antibiotics, we appreciate it better.

Growing up I remember taking antibiotics for a throat infection, which is an infection of the oral pharynx and tonsils by streptococcus. I was always having a sore throat and most times, it comes with a feverish condition and very severe that I can’t swallow saliva, food or even talk. At that time I was taking Strepsils, Rosiclox, Amoxicillin, Ampiclox prescribed by my doctor, I used to take any of these antibiotics but discovered that Strepsil and Rosiclox work better for me so I took more of Strepsil and Rosiclox for so many years.


MenTea – Herbal Tea for Men

651 0 24 Oct 2018

Herbal tea for men is a delicious and comforting drink to enjoy daily due to its numerous health benefits. Herbal teas contain real herbs that possess medicinal qualities. They can help with everything from easing a cold and calming an upset stomach to fighting infection and supporting general wellness.

History has recorded that, people in every culture have used herbal teas to enhance their fertility and to help heal their bodies, as well.

MenTea is high quality and therapeutic tea for men’s health and wellness, designed to enhance men’s reproductive health and support general wellness. MenTea tackles quick ejaculation, poor libido and stamina, increases fertility and enhances prostate health.

FertiliteaPrep - how to get pregnant naturally

FertiliteaPrep – How to Get Pregnant Naturally

1k 0 20 Sep 2018

Fertility preparation is essential for every woman trying to conceive, this helps to balance your hormones, support and strengthen your reproductive system and increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

The first thing to consider when preparing to conceive is to do a fertility cleanse. Fertility preparation starts with fertility cleansing that helps to remove toxins from your body that may have been stored in your liver for years. Removing these toxins will help boost your liver function which is essential for hormonal balance and fertility.

Fertility preparation herbal blend such as FertiliteaPrep is a preconception organic tea blend for women formulated to balance hormones, support the entire reproductive system and help increase your chances to get pregnant naturally.

Fertilitea Detox, how to do a fertility cleanse

Fertilitea Detox – How to do a fertility cleanse

1k 0 29 Jul 2018

Fertility cleanse or fertility detox is a natural way to reset the body and keep it healthy. One thing you should consider when planning to conceive is to do fertility cleanse, this is one vital thing you make sure you do before getting pregnant.

It is important to prepare your body when planning to conceive, this is when fertility cleanse comes in, to help prepare your body to get ready to carry a baby, making it easier for you to carry your baby to full term.

Fertility cleansing stimulates the liver to get rid of accumulated toxins in the body and help the liver to function properly which is beneficial for pregnancy to occur. This further encourages hormonal balance and proper blood circulation to the pelvic organs.

is it safe to use insect repellent during pregnancy

Is it Safe to Use Insect Repellent During Pregnancy

907 0 29 Jul 2018

What is Insect Repellent

An insect repellent, also known as “bug spray”, is a substance applied to skin, clothing, or other surfaces that helps to keep mosquitoes and other insects away and prevent them from approaching or settling on that surface.

Most insect repellents that work contain N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide as their active ingredient. Permethrin is another active ingredient widely used, a pesticide rather than a repellent. These insect repellents are used for the prevention of insect-borne diseases as well as painful insect bites.
It is a fact that insect repellents have prevented countless cases of malaria, fever, and other mosquito-borne diseases. However, there are concerns about the potential adverse health effects of insect repellents in recent times which have increased, especially for those containing N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide, also known as deet.