If I Accept You As My Company's Distributor...

“You Can Start Building a Rich Network of People Who Takes Health As Wealth

  • Its Not Network Marketing 
  • Its Not Affiliate Marketing
  • Its Not Ponzi Scheme
  • No Referral
  • No Website

Letter From Okelue Isaac,
Abuja, Nigeria.
Edited: 26th August, 2022

Dear Product Seller,

Here's The Deal...

"If we accept you as our distributor,

It becomes our responsibility to send you products + buyers list

While you ensure efficient delivery to our customers."

Here's Exactly How It Works

  • We sell problem solving products that people will always rush to buy
  • You buy the products from us at very good discounts in bulk
  • Our team of digital marketers will then send you list of customers to buy from you at retail prices
  • In summary, we’re giving you both goods and customers to sell to.
  • SO all you do is simply deliver to the customers and take cash on delivery
  • With this process, N30,000 weekly profit is very possible.

But Wait oh…This looks crazy. Why Do this? Whats In for the Company?

Good Question, my friend.
Now this is why we are doing this.
Its not because we want to feed the world ☺
This is the logic.

We have a problem… Logistics
You see, Product Marketing and sourcing comes really easy for us.
But Logistics and delivery has been a major problem
Because we get orders from everywhere, its hard sending single piece of our products everywhere. Its not even profitable.
So we decided to create a WIN - WIN situation.

  • We send you at least 30 pcs at once, and then send you addresses to customers that are very close to you such that you’re spending very little on transport.
  • And then the capital you’ll give us upfront will allow us spend more on marketing and get faster results
  • We can also import / produce at cheaper prices since we have more money.

Does It Make Sense Now?

Hmm...What If We Fail To Send Customers? 

In rare occasions where we’re unable to send customers within the stipulated timeframe, distributors can request for a capital refund of unsold items.

This process takes about 2 weeks.

The reason is to allow us process the request and retrieve items.

This clearly makes this a risk free opportunity.

You Know What? 

To Further Prove That This is Real...

If you scale through our process as I will share with you soon, we'll send you a small list of buyers you can call to confirm.

And this is even before you pay us a dime. 

There are some terms though…

  • Distributors must contact customers assigned and provide update at most 3hours after assignment.
  • Distributors must deliver to customers assigned at most 48hours.

Okay. So What Are The PRODUCTS?

Good Question.

We need to first check a few things before revealing the products

  • Your Location To Know which of our product sells faster there
  • How much capital you have (minimum is N130,000)
  • If there's a slot in your city

All of this means ONE THING...

"This Is Not Open To Everyone And There Are Limited Slots Per City."

Here's What You Need To Do NOW...

  • Click on the button below and submit the form to check if there's a slot in your city
  • If there's a slot, quickly contact me on WhatsApp with the number on the next page to further check if you quality
  • If you qualify, we'll recommend a product for you and also send you some buyers to call to confirm this is real. 
  • Afterwards, we'll onboard you and arrange to deliver your purchased products and begin sending you more buyers


This is no bluff.

We do not work with a lot of persons so as to keep our operations lean and very effective. 

We'll rather have few satisfied persons per city who keep returning to buy more than have a lot of dissatisfied persons everywhere.

Hence, we work with only a few. 

So, you must hurry. 

Thanks for coming by and take it easy.

Best Regards,
Okelue Isaac,
XYZ Company

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