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Effects of Male Masturbation on Fertility

Effects of Male Masturbation on Fertility

What are the effects of male masturbation on fertility? When a couple is trying to get pregnant what happens to the man who masturbates? Do men lose sperm during masturbation? Does male masturbation affect fertility? Let’s find out, keep reading…

What is Male Masturbation?

Male masturbation is the sexual and self-stimulation of the sex organs, most often to the point of orgasm.

When Do Men Begin Masturbating?

From a personal discussion with men and feedback from men concerning masturbation, men start masturbating at any time in their lives; some started masturbating as children and discover early what it feels like to touch their genitals while some began masturbating in their adolescent age. Most men started masturbating many years before marriage and so continue the act of masturbation in marriage without the knowledge of the wife while some have no problem hiding their habit from their wives.

Why Do Men Masturbate?

The most common reasons men give for masturbating are:

  • To achieve sexual pleasure
  • To relieve sexual tension
  • To have sex when partners are not available
  • To establish self-love when there is no partner
  • To relax, both physical and emotional

Effects of Male Masturbation on Fertility

It is a known fact that most men produce millions of new sperm every day. However, these new sperm produced will take about 2 ½ – 3 months to fully come to maturity, the everyday sperm produced or sperm formed initially lack motility or rather do not have the ability to swim forward to fertilize an egg. Therefore, it is a simple logic to know that a man who masturbates and trying to father a child may experience a delay in impregnating his wife since he is constantly ejaculating his matured sperm during masturbation.

A man who masturbates and at the same time trying to father a child may have to limit the number of times he masturbates so as to preserve the sperm store to impregnate his wife.

When trying for a baby, it is recommended that men abstain from the act of masturbation for at least 3 days, to allow his matured sperm the chance to fertilize an egg. Men who ejaculate more often show signs of low sperm count. The man who masturbates or masturbate more than once a day, his sperm stores will consistently be lower than the man who does not masturbate and may experience difficulty in impregnating his wife compare to the man who does not masturbate.

Can A man Stop Masturbation to Increase His Fertility?

When you look at the reasons why men masturbate, you will discover that they do it to get a fix. Just like the one who indulges in alcoholism or takes drugs to get a fix and becomes addicted, masturbation can also become an addiction.

Quitting masturbation can be a gradual process that begins with reducing the number of times you masturbate in a day and then in total, the number of times you masturbate in a week or month.

This also has to do with how deep you have been involved in masturbation, are you already addicted to masturbation or you have become a chronic masturbator. Whichever you fall into, you can work out a plan of quitting masturbation for yourself.

For the one that is not a chronic masturbator, you can start by reducing the number of times you masturbate to once a day, then 3 to 4 times a week and then once a week until you finally quit masturbation.

If you are trying to father a child you can check for your sperm count levels and you can enhance your fertility naturally with FertilXtra Kit for Men.

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