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Fertility Goals - 3 Action Points to Getting Pregnant

Fertility Goals – 3 Action Points To Getting Pregnant

Reach your fertility goal this year

The beginning of the year is a time to think about your goals for the year. Whether you are planning to have your first baby, or you would like to bring an addition to your family, having a fertility goal is a key to getting pregnant. Our fertility support at FERTIL24 Herbals will help you reach your fertility goals this year. 

Fertility Goal - A key to getting pregnant

We help couples achieve their fertility goals

If you are struggling with infertility, please know that you are not alone. Research suggests that most women experience some form of infertility in their lifetime. Men and women can both experience infertility. In 40% of couples struggling with infertility, the male partner contributes to the issue. There are many causes of infertility, and many of these causes require professional intervention to overcome them.

What Is A Fertility Goal?

A fertility goal is an idea of the desired result of having a baby that a person envision, plan and commit to succeed.

So you have this idea of getting pregnant, then you begin to envision and, you imagine the possibility of getting pregnant, you visualize yourself getting pregnant, then you begin to make plans to get pregnant and ultimately commit yourself to succeed in your plans.

If you ask people struggling with fertility what their goals are, they give you a simple answer of, ‘to get pregnant and have a baby’
It is more than getting pregnant and having a baby because there is a process of getting pregnant you should pursue.

When you have this understanding, knowing that there is a process of getting pregnant, then you will stop struggling with infertility, and your fertility journey will be smooth and stress-free.

How do you set your fertility goals?

Like I explained earlier, if you have this idea of getting pregnant, then you begin to envision; you imagine the possibility of getting pregnant: you visualize yourself getting pregnant, you have done all these so we have passed those stages, but if you have not gone through these stages, I advise that you go through them because it will help you have a clear focus of the whole process.

So now you begin to make plans to get pregnant, this is the stage we are.

How To Make Plans To Get Pregnant

Here we are looking at the intentional actions you put into place that will help to drive and push you towards achieving your fertility goals.

Let’s look at 3 simple actions that you can push with to achieve pregnancy this year.

3 Action Points To Getting Pregnant

Number 1 - Make Lifestyle Changes

Now that you are planning to get pregnant, the first thing you need to look at is your lifestyle, is it good enough now that you are planning to conceive? or will your lifestyle impact negatively on your efforts to get pregnant?

Research has found that taking up good health habits may boost your chance of fertility treatment success.

Dropping certain habits like smoking or excessive drinking may be enough in some cases to help you get pregnant.

Taking hard drugs and over caffeinating are all associated with lower fertility rates and higher rates of pregnancy complications.

I have attended to some persons, both men and women who have asked me questions like ‘ I do take XYZ beer, hope it’s fine and they are expecting me to say yes it’s fine and when they don’t get that, they will be like, it’s just once in a while and that shouldn’t disrupt the process.

You must know that making lifestyle changes does not only impact your fertility but your overall health. Your goal here should be to get healthy, which in turn, will make getting pregnant easier.

Work towards losing weight

In making lifestyle changes, you also work towards losing weight if you are overweight.

Research has found that losing 10% of your body weight can improve ovulation in women who are overweight

Eat healthy meals

Eat healthy meals

Another thing to consider here is to eat healthy meals and cut down on excess calories.
You can also eat as if you are already pregnant by adopting a conception-friendly pregnancy nourishing diet that ensures that you and your baby get exactly what you need the minute she/he is conceived.

Create healthy sleep habits

Lastly, in making lifestyle changes, create healthy sleep habits.
Sleep is a key to health and wellbeing, and it plays a large role in hormone regulation, including your reproductive hormones.

Do not replace sleep with another activity in your list of things to do, don’t use your sleeping time to be cooking meals or washing the bathroom, please sleep when you should be sleeping.

Number 2 - Feed Your Emotions

When I say feed your emotions, I am looking at you flooding your heart with what would bring more love, compassion, and affection into your life.

Allow yourself to be loved, cared for, and appreciated, and also love and appreciate others around you.

Many women going through fertility struggles are depriving themselves to be loved by withdrawing to themselves.

Make yourself happy

Make yourself happy

You deserve to be happy, so make yourself happy and be full of joy. Ask yourself what would bring more joy into your life? then consciously engage yourself in joyful activities.

Express true love from your heart, be quick to forgiving and be slow to anger.

Keep the love in your home burning, this is not the time for you to be angry with your husband, and keep malice all through your fertile window. You just missed a beautiful chance of conceiving.

Talk about your fertility struggles

Also, learn to talk about your fertility struggles, let out the worries, and do not allow them to choke you up.

Feed your body, your spirit, and your mind with only the things that are nourishing.

Think and talk positively

Think and talk positively, let your heart be flooded with positive thoughts. Do not keep thoughts of not getting pregnant in your heart, do not imagine yourself always seeing your menses, rather, imagine yourself missing your messes. 

Then you can take this further, by imagining yourself holding a positive pregnancy test report in your hands, carrying your pregnancy through the various trimesters, and having your baby. 

Use your imaginative power to create these beautiful pictures and before long, you will start talking them forth. 

Remember the scriptures that say, out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks.

When you keep feeding your emotions, you will drastically reduce the burden of fertility struggles.  

Number 3 - Get Fertility Support

So now you have made lifestyle changes and you have been feeding your emotions to get your body, spirit, and mind ready to conceive, it’s time to get fertility support.

Let’s look at fertility support from a fertility specialist.

You should speak with a fertility specialist, explain your fertility goals and get feedback.

Then, you can meet or consult with a fertility specialist for diagnostic testing.
Fertility consultation can be done onsite or online. You can consult with Dr. Benney Ojo, Fertility Consultant, FERTIL24 Herbals with more than 10 years experience. 

After your consultation, you should have a list of fertility tests to carry out and after that, you now know your fertility status.

Start enhancing your fertility

Now is the time to start enhancing your fertility. You do this by taking fertility-enhancing blends that target boosting your reproductive systems and overall fertility.

When you get the right fertility blend for your fertility condition, with focus and commitment to taking your fertility enhancing blends, getting pregnant is easy and is indeed a beautiful journey.

To balance your hormones and get pregnant, we have great fertility-enhancing blends for women and men, designed for optimal fertility restoration. 

Care for Women for hormonal imbalance

Care for Women

Care for Women is put together to balance your hormone levels, regulate your menstruation and ovulation, enhance your fertility and help you get pregnant naturally.
Care for men to boost sperm count

Care for Men

Care for Men is an organic and natural herbal blend designed to help boost and increase sperm counts, motility, vitality, and morphology of sperm to help men father babies naturally.

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