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See How to Reduce Your Miscarriage Risk

Having Issues with Miscarriages? See How to Reduce Your Miscarriage Risk

A study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology sheds light on the factors that affect the risk of miscarriage. An interview was scheduled for over 6000 British women to talk about their pregnancy history, and results collated:

Preparing your body for conception: Women who prepare their bodies for conception had an extremely low rate of miscarriage.

Taking vitamins and minerals: Women who took supplements had a 50% lower chance of miscarrying.

Eating a healthful diet: Women who ate fresh fruits and vegetables every day had reduced miscarriage risk.

Better emotional well-being: Women who described themselves as being happy, relaxed, or in control had a 60% reduced risk of miscarriage.

How to Reduce Your Miscarriage Risk

You can reduce your miscarriage risk, by doing the following:

  1. Prepare your body for conception before becoming pregnant by removing accumulated toxins from your body system. This is also known as fertility cleansing; resetting your health before pregnancy occurs.
    When you desire to conceive, that is the time to start preparing and nurturing your body to conceive. Know that you are about to carry a baby in your womb, your womb is like a soil that must be made ready before putting a seed into it to enable the seed to grow well and not die inside the ground. You should not start trying to conceive first because you can fall pregnant even when your body has toxin overload, in most cases, carrying the pregnancy to full term becomes a problem and this is because you did not prepare your body to conceive before falling pregnant.
    Hormonal factor like low progesterone levels can make a woman start spotting during pregnancy, your uterus may not be able to carry your baby to term if your progesterone levels are too low and this may lead to miscarriage. When planning to conceive, it is best to keep your hormones in check, ensure your hormones are balanced before falling pregnant.
    If you are experiencing hormonal fluctuation or having issues with your hormones, take a hormonal supplement like FertilXtra for Women to help balance your hormones and prepare your body to conceive naturally.
  2. Eat a good healthy diet before falling pregnant and during pregnancy. You should include lots of fresh leafy vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and good protein sources such as eggs and oily fish. Eat a healthy diet that will support the optimal growth and development of your baby.
    Make sure your ingredients are in good shape before using them to cook and do not use spoilt tomatoes or vegetables to make your meals irrespective of how cheap they are in your local market. Know that your baby is getting nutrients from the food you consume and therefore you must consciously ensure that you are supplying your baby with the right nutrient needed for optimal growth so that your baby can progress to full term.
  3. Do not restrict calories during pregnancy. When you are already pregnant, this is not the right time to restrict calories. The time to keep in shape is before you fall pregnant, during this time you can work on your weight and have your desired weight before pregnancy knowing that you may likely have pregnancy weight added to your pre-pregnancy weight, and if for any reason you are not comfortable with your pregnancy weight, please wait to carry your baby to term, once you have your baby you can start working towards your desired weight.
    Know that your baby is completely depending on you to supply in nutrients to feed on and also your baby needs energy to be active in the womb just like you require energy to carry your baby to full term. You must not starve yourself or your baby of the required nutrients during pregnancy.
  4. Take a good antenatal multivitamin and mineral, you can also add vitamin C and Omega 3 fish oils. Taking multivitamins is essential before, during and after pregnancy to help keep your body healthy. When you are pregnant, taking antenatal multivitamins helps support the growth of your baby. Supplements like folic acid can help pregnant women lower their child’s risk of birth defects. Women who may become pregnant or are already pregnant, and are planning to carry their baby to term, should take a folic acid supplement, you can also add foods fortified with folic acid to your diet to help lower your unborn child’s risk of certain birth defects.
  5. Avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeine. If you desire to keep you and your baby healthy then it is important to avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Whether you are planning to conceive or already pregnant, not drinking alcohol is the safest option as alcohol can harm your unborn baby. When you drink alcohol, it passes from your blood through the placenta and to your unborn baby. It can affect the development of your baby’s brain, spinal cord and other organs. Drinking alcohol while pregnant can increase the risk of miscarriage, you should avoid drinking alcohol to reduce your miscarriage risk.
  6. Get plenty of rest and make sure to take care of yourself. Pregnancy is more beautiful when you consciously take care of yourself, pamper yourself, relax and get plenty of rest. You should do the things you like, hear soothing music, watch funny movies, laugh more, have good relationship with people and have good fellowship with God. Do everything you can to be happy during the stages of pregnancy and remember, nobody can make you happy except you, so do not wait for someone to make you happy, make yourself happy and enjoy your pregnancy.

If you are trying to conceive, FertilXtra Kit for Women is a trusted brand when it comes to preparing your body to conceive, preventing miscarriages and carrying your pregnancy to full term.

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