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How to Balance Hormones and Get Pregnant Naturally

Hormones give orders to your cells to carry out specific actions. They help your body parts function in a coordinated manner.

Hormones are the operators of human reproduction, responsible for sexual development and controlling the menstrual cycle. The main reproductive hormones are estrogen and testosterone.

There are other hormones involved in the menstrual cycle, they include:
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) – causes maturation of an egg in the ovary.
Luteinizing hormone (LH) – stimulates the release of the egg.
Oestrogen and progesterone – are involved in maintaining the lining of the uterus.

Estrogen causes eggs to mature in ovaries once a girl reaches puberty. These eggs are then released at regular intervals during the menstrual cycle. In males, testosterone stimulates sperm production.

When these reproductive hormones do not function as they should, fertility problems can occur, then the need for you to assist your fertility.
Beautifully, you can assist your fertility by balancing your hormones naturally. Now, let’s look at how to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally.

How to Balance Hormones and Get Pregnant Naturally

Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry)

chaste tree

Chaste Tree is also known as Vitex. It has long been used for balancing hormones and supporting fertility. Chaste tree works by regulating and giving support to the pituitary gland, a powerhouse for hormone production.

Previous studies have shown that chaste tree supports the body’s natural progesterone and luteinizing hormone production. Chaste tree is used for the female reproductive system in cases of premenstrual symptoms, menstrual issues, and infertility.

Chaste tree has been effectively used by herbal specialists to prevent miscarriage when planning for pregnancy. It has also been used in cases of low progesterone. It has been shown to increase progesterone levels by an average of 56%.

Dong Quia

How to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally with dong quai

Dong Quia helps to enhance female fertility. This herb is seen as a powerful “gynecological regulator”. It has the ability to reduce your estrogen levels if they are too high. It can also increase them if they are too low.

Dong Quai has been used for so many decades to treat female reproductive problems including infertility, frequent miscarriage, ovarian function disorders, uterine cramping, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PMT, painful periods, heavy periods and a lack of periods.

Dong Quia has also been shown to boost male fertility. Ferulic acid, an antioxidant found in Dong Quai, has been shown to improve sperm quality.

Siberian Ginseng

siberian ginseng

Siberian Ginseng, also known as Eleuthero, is considered as a normalizer, stress reducer and energizer. Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb. It helps the body adapt to stress by encouraging the normal functioning of the adrenal glands, allowing them to function properly when you are faced with stressful situations. It is reported to have benefits in uterine health and function.

Siberian Ginseng stimulates the flow of blood to the reproductive organs. It has been used as a general fertility tonic for both men and women.


How to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally with maca

Maca is a powerful fertility food for both men and women. The native Peruvians have used maca root as food and medicine to promote fertility, endurance, energy, vitality, and sexual function, especially in men.

Maca is helpful in balancing hormones and reversing hypothyroidism. It helps to treat hormone-related issues by activating and nourishing the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, the glands that regulate the other glands in the body. The optimal functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands brings balance to the adrenal, pancreas, thyroid, ovarian and testicular glands.

It contains the nutrients necessary to support normal hormone production such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, sterols, essential fatty acids, lipids, fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids.

Horny Goat Weed

How to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally with horny goat weed

One of the principal active ingredients in Horny Goat Weed is “icariin”. The icariin which works by relaxing smooth muscle tissue, helping to bring the central nervous system to a state of rest.

Horny Goat Weed produces an anti-aging effect and can improve the immune system as well as the endocrine system. It is beneficial for both men and women in handling infertility issues. It has been used to treat cases of irregular menstrual cycles, impotence, low sperm count and spermatorrhea, a condition of excessive, involuntary ejaculation.

As an aphrodisiac, horny goat weed has been used all over the world to assist in relieving sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It works by stimulating the production of androgen hormones, the hormones responsible for sexual functions.

Saw Palmetto

How to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally with saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto is effectively used to treat infertility in men and in women. The herb is a small palm tree which is native to the Southeastern United States rich in fatty acids and phytosterols, both of which are beneficial to the body.

It benefits all glandular tissue by building up tissues and supporting the health of the glands.

Saw Palmetto has been used by men to support overall reproductive health and to help with a variety of prostate disorders (such as benign prostate hyperplasia). It has been used by women as a uterine and vaginal tonic.


How to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally with sarsaparilla

This beautiful herb is native to Central America and has been used as reproductive organs and glands tonic remedies. Sarsaparilla benefits men and women by regulating hormonal production and insulin levels in the bloodstream thereby increasing fertility.

It helps to increase the transportation of nutrients to the body cells. It purifies the blood and increases blood flow to the reproductive organs, thus reducing the risk of blood stagnation in the reproductive organs.

Sarsaparilla supports the immune system and helps to regulate the DNA duplication in normal cell growth.

These natural herbal blend and many more have been put together in Care for Men and Care for Women to help restore men’s and women’s fertility. You can get these fertility herbal blends below to balance your hormones and get pregnant naturally.

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    Good morning, hv fone through your blogs . I find it helpful especially how to calculate ur ovulation. Plz hv been trying to conceive for year+ now going to two yrs even wen I feel cramps of ovulating Bt no results after having sex . I still see my period months after month . Plz am interested in buying maca powder

    1. Hello Mrs. Unuigbe Elizabeth, thank you for appreciating us. If you have been trying to conceive without success, there must be a reason why you are not falling pregnant. If you have any fertility condition, it is best to treat the condition so you can fall pregnant. If you do not have any diagnosed fertility issue and you think you are not ovulating properly, then you can enhance your fertility so you can fall pregnant.

      I am sorry we do not have maca powder as a single product but we do have maca as an ingredient in our fertility blend. A blend of these powders is more potent in enhancing your fertility.

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