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How to nurture your reproductive system and prolong your fertility

How To Nurture Your Reproductive System And Prolong Your Fertility

To nurture your reproductive system means to feed and nourish your reproductive organs to sustain your fertility.
So many men and women are faced with fertility problems, some of these problems are what can be avoided if only these men and women know how to nurture their reproductive system and the benefits of doing so.

Nurturing your reproductive system doesn’t necessarily mean you want to conceive at that time of supplying your reproductive system of what is needed to sustain your fertility rather, it is to nurture it to remain fertile and prolong your fertility so that you can lengthen your childbearing years and easily get pregnant whenever you want to.

If you have ever heard of egg freezing, you may likely be able to understand what it means to nurture your reproductive system the natural way.
Egg freezing for some women is a means to stop the biological clock and possibly preserve healthier eggs at a younger age. Many women see this as a possibility to extend their childbearing years medically.
Egg freezing is an invasive and intense procedure and the effects may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and increased breast cancer risk.
Beautifully, you can nurture your reproductive system to extend your childbearing years naturally by following the steps listed here.

How To Nurture Your Reproductive System

Eat Healthy Foods

Eat healthy foods to nurture your reproductive system

If it is true that unhealthy eating habits can harm your fertility, of course, it is true, then you should cultivate the habit of eating healthy foods and replace unhealthy foods with healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods can help nurture your reproductive system and protect your fertility. Consider incorporating fertility superfoods like dark green vegetables, and fruits into your meals. Eat super protein such as beans, nuts, seeds, lentils, and chickpeas. One study shows that the risk of ovulation disorders is cut half when 5 percent of your total calory intake is derived from plant proteins.

Reduce Unnecessary Medication Use

Reduce unnecessary medication use to nurture your reproductive system

Medication side effects can put a damper on your life and reproductive system. Dealing with medicine’s side effects may not be that easy, but one thing you can do is reduce unnecessary medication use.

So many women take Clomid without prescriptions from their doctors and are very ignorant of the side effects. Some women have taken fertility drugs for so many years that it has resulted in more harm than good. Many women experience the side effects of fertility drugs including an increased risk of pregnancy loss.

Some women are very ignorant of their cycle, that they rush to take medication during their ovulation phase when they feel a slight rise in temperature.
Learning how to observe your body will help you reduce unnecessary medication use.

Take Fertility Enhancing Supplements

Take fertility enhancing supplements to nurture your reproductive system

So many men and women neglect their reproductive system. They only remember that this system is in existence when they want to have babies and this is when they begin to push the reproductive system to respond to them.

When you don’t provide your reproductive system with the needed support, you make it less active and by the time you need this system trying to get pregnant, it may become difficult and will need more push from you for it to become more active again.

Taking a fertility-enhancing supplement is a way to keep your reproductive system active, helping to nurture your reproductive system and prolong your fertility.
Let’s take an example of two women, lady A, and lady B. Both women do not have any fertility problems and they plan to start trying to conceive in the next 12 months. Lady A takes fertility-enhancing supplements from time to time while lady B does not take a fertility-enhancing supplement at all.
By the 12th month, they both started trying to conceive, it will be easier for lady A to conceive because she has been nurturing her reproductive system for some time compared to lady B who wasn’t nurturing her reproductive system and lady B may keep struggling to conceive even while lady A sail through her pregnancy and delivers her baby.

Some time ago, after I had my son in 2010, I decided to take a break in childbearing to focus on my career. I initially planned to take about 4 years but by the time my son was 4 years old, I wasn’t thinking of getting pregnant at all, I needed more time to do so many things.

I had all the time I wanted and eventually got pregnant with ease and had my daughter in 2017. It took me 2 months to decide, plan and prepare to get pregnant, the first month was to go through a fertility cleanse, take more fertility enhancing supplements, then actively tried the second month and I got pregnant.

It was easy for me to conceive because I understand that I must keep nurturing my reproductive system to prolong my fertility and I did just that all through those number of years when I took the break in childbearing. This means I preserved my fertility until when I needed to get pregnant. I go through fertility cleanse program at specific times each year, take Care for women from time to time and take Prep Tea daily as my routine tea.

I have introduced this method of nurturing the reproductive system to so many women and today they are enjoying their reproductive system and general health. Did you just read general health? Yes, though these herbal blends are formulated for fertility support, they also rub off on other parts of the body systems due to their numerous healing properties, which help to support your general health.

Benefits Of Nurturing Your Reproductive System

Let’s look at the benefits of nurturing the reproductive system for both women and men.

For Women:

  1. To keep your hormones at their normal levels
  2. To enhance menstrual health
  3. To support ovulation
  4. To support your fertility
  5. To prolong fertility longevity
  6. To support the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries to function optimally
  7. To limit or be free of fertility problems
  8. To support normal sexual functions and enjoy your sexual life
  9. To lengthen your childbearing years
  10. To push the onset of menopause farther.

For Men:

  1. To support proper sperm production
  2. To support optimal sperm functions
  3. To support normal testosterone and other hormone levels
  4. To limit or be free of fertility problems
  5. To support normal sexual functions and be “the man” in bed

Every man and woman can nurture his or her reproductive system, prolong their fertility, and enjoy the benefits of nurturing the reproductive system. Whether you are a newly wedded couple, a career woman who would like to prolong her childbearing years, a stay at home housewife or you want to prolong the onset of menopause or you desire to have a stress free body when you finally enter into menopause, these simple steps work for everyone.

Happy Fertility!

Dr. Benney Ojo
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