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Care for Men


Care for Men is an organic and natural herbal blend designed to help boost and increase sperm counts, motility, vitality, and morphology of sperm.


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Product Benefits:

  • Balance the endocrine system which activates the production of testosterone from the testes.
  • Regulate levels of the hormones cortisol and testosterone, helping bring low levels back to normal.
  • Stimulate and nourish the pituitary glands by increasing semen volume, sperm count, and motility and improving sperm quality.
  • Nourish the testicular glands and help the testes to produce healthy and active sperm.
  • Increase blood circulation to the male reproductive system.
  • Boost sperm count and increase sperm concentrations.
  • Increase men’s fertility and help men become fathers naturally.

Product Facts:

Content: 1 bottle of Care for Men – 100 capsules.

Quality: High-quality product, produced with potent male fertility herbs.

How to Take: Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily.

NAFDAC Reg. No.: A7-4184L



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