Cypress Essential Oil


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Botanical Name: Cupressus sempervirens
Origin: France
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant Part: Leaves
Aroma Strength: Medium
Aromatic Scent: Cypress essential oil has a spicy, herbaceous, slightly woody evergreen aroma. It is fresh and clean.
Oil Grade: 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
Manufactured in USA.

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Product Benefits

Common Uses: Cypress is commonly used as an astringent to reduce heavy menstruation and heavy bleeding. The Chinese chewed the cones to heal their bleeding gums, while Hippocrates recommended cypress for treating hemorrhoids.

Suggested Uses: For heavy menstrual flow, massage diluted cypress all over your abdomen. You can also add it to your warm bath. For hemorrhoids, apply diluted cypress essential oil using 1-2 drops over the area concerned.

Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

More Suggested Uses

Safety Precautions: Cypress essential oil is generally safe, non-toxic and non-irritant. However, you can do a skin patch test by simply applying a small amount on your skin to check for sensitivity.

Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If pregnant or lactating consult your healthcare practitioner.

Cypress essential oil has no known contraindications. However, it is best you purchase high-quality, unadulterated essential oils to get the benefits.

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