FertilXtra for Men


FertilXtra for Men is an organic and natural herbal supplement put together to help boost and increase sperm counts, motility, vitality, and morphology of sperm and help the male reproductive system to bounce back speedily.

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Product Benefits

FertilXtra for Men Is Put Together to: 

•Balance the endocrine system which triggers production of testosterone from the testes.
•Regulate levels of the hormones cortisol and testosterone, helping bring low levels back to normal
•Stimulate and nourish the pituitary glands by increasing semen volume, sperm count and motility and improving sperm quality.
•Nourish the testicular glands and help the testes to produce healthy and active sperm reducing the number of dead sperm and inactive sperm
•Improve erectile function and help increase sperm concentrations in men with oligospermia
•Help maintain prostate health and increase blood circulation to the male reproductive system

FertilXtra for Men can best be taken with Fertility Cleanse.


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