Grapefruit PINK Essential Oil


Product Details:
Botanical Name: Citrus x paradisi
Origin: Mexico
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Part: Fruit Peel
Aroma Strength: Weak
Aromatic Scent: Grapefruit has a sweet, fresh citrus scent.
Oil Grade: 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
Manufactured in USA.

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Product Benefits

Common Uses: Grapefruit essential oil has been effectively used for weight loss and for enhancing the overall body systems. Grapefruit essential oil is the number one choice for anyone trying to conceive and at the same time want to lose some weight.

Suggested Uses: Add 2 drops to your daily drinking water once or twice daily. You can also explore our powerful weight loss trio; Grapefruit, Lemon, and Peppermint Essential Oils.

Health Benefits of Grapefruit PINK Essential Oil

More Suggested Uses

Safety Precautions: May cause skin irritation if exposed to strong sunlight. We recommend a dilution no higher than 4% or 24 drops of oil per ounce of carrier.

Product Details


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