MenTea is the number 1 preconception organic tea blend for men formulated to balance hormones, support the male reproductive system, improve erection and enhance men’s health.

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Product Benefits

Benefits of MenTea:

  • MenTea is designed to support men’s health whilst promoting fertility
  • Helps to relieve mental stress, relieving fatigue in both the mind and the body thereby enhancing fertility and general wellness
  • Promote proper hormone function, increase fertility and long-term health in men
  • Tackle conditions like spermatorrhea (involuntary ejaculation) and impotence (erectile dysfunction) by improving blood flow through the penis and helps to enhance sexual desire
  • Helps revive hormone imbalance created by stress helping men maintain stable hormone levels thus promoting a healthy prostate, good erection, and ideal body weight
  • Support the endocrine system, the circulatory system and boost your immune system
  • Promote male vitality, boost energy levels, and confidence
  • Supports digestive health, relieving disorders such as constipation and flatulence
  • Support a healthy stomach and eliminate intestinal ulcers, by lowering acid levels and providing the intestinal walls with a protective coating of a gel-like substance
  • Helps to treat blood sugar disorders
  • Improve memory and productivity in healthy individuals by opening the vessels that deliver blood to the brain and breaking up platelets to help in easy blood flow rich in oxygen
  • Prevent and stop damage to cells caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals, thereby slowing the effects of aging.