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Finally, I Am Pregnant After Trying To Conceive For 17 Years.

I got married at age 22 and was expecting to get pregnant without issues but after 6 months of being with my husband and not conceiving, we went to the hospital. Then the doctor asked, madam, for how long have you been trying to conceive? and I said 6 months, he just said, madam, go home and wait for God’s time. Then we went home and waited for 5 years and I became worried knowing that something is wrong somewhere.

I have been trying to conceive for 17 years and during this period I have visited more than 15 hospitals both government and private hospitals, and I can name these hospitals in a few seconds, in one year I visit several hospitals.
I have also taken native medicines from all angles, from my mother-in-law, who took me to different places, and also from my friends and relations but all to no avail.

Gradually, I started losing hope, struggling to conceive started affecting me, I started falling sick because I will think and think all day, I was always going to the hospital for treatment and the doctor had to call my husband one day that the solution to my sickness is for me to stop thinking.

There is nothing people did not say, some people will see me and make statements like, how far now, up till now no pregnancy?
Then I started searching for a solution again, I went on google and saw Fertil24 Herbals online and then I told my husband about it. During this same period my husband was posted to Port Harcourt and that was how I came to Port Harcourt. I was staying indoors because I don’t know anywhere and decided to start chatting with Fertil24 Herbals and then I told my husband we should trace the outlet and we did.

When I met with the consultant and discussed my issues, she looked at me and said I have several issues but I should not worry because what we are focused on now is the solution.
I did fibroid surgery in 2018 and the fibroids have started growing back. I have PID and fluid in my fallopian tubes, I lost my menses that the doctor even said maybe it is menopause and I have a heavy growth of staphylococcus infection and my husband has the same infection, low sperm count, and erectile dysfunction.

She wrote out the treatment that will help us and we went home and started taking the products. My menses that came that month was better, no pains and even the place I had the fibroid surgery that left a thick scar started reducing.
Then my menses did not come when I was expecting it to come, I called the fertility consultant and she said, we should watch it for one week, at the end of the week it still did not come and when I called, she said we should watch it for another one week, then by the end of the week which is 16th October, I called in the morning and she said I should do a pregnancy test. At this time my heart skipped and then I went to a hospital to do the test and behold it came out positive, this is after 17 years of struggling to conceive.
I broke the news to my husband and he started crying, he was like just one-month treatment and I was like just one month.

I had to go to the outlet to give this testimony, I cannot thank Fertil24 Herbals enough.




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