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I Got Pregnant After 3 Fibroid Surgeries

I thought of sharing my testimony because i intended to do so once I get a solution with you. My husband and i planned to start having babies immediately after marriage so i started trying to conceive early but it was not happening for me.

I went to this gyno who asked for some tests which i did and one of the reports said i have fibroid, it was about 4.2 cm and the gyna said i should go for surgery and i said fine and that was done but i did not conceive after that.
Then after trying and trying for about 7 months, still nothing happened so i went back to the gyno who asked for me to do a scan, to my surprise the scan report came out to show that the fibroid has come back, I was devastated. He said i should do another surgery again that its a minor one and not invasive so I agreed again and did it because i don’t want anything that will prevent pregnancy.

After about another 6 or 7 months, I went back to the gyno because nothing was happening, as usual, he sent me to go for a scan only for the scan to show that the fibroid has grown again. That was how i ended up doing another surgery, this was now the third surgery.
I did the third surgery because I thought there was no other option until I ran into an old friend who told me about FERTIL24 when i told her all i have been going through.
It was that same day i met her i ordered Women Relief Kit and Care for Women and started taking them immediately i got my order. My plan was to thoroughly treat myself to stop this fibroid issue so i was going to finish every treatment in the kit and after finishing everything i was like what next? That was how i discovered i was already pregnant, and i am happy to send my testimony to encourage other women and let other women like me know that there are other options to treat fertility problems, thank you FERTIl24, God will keep blessing you all.

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