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My Fertility Is Back

Where will I start in narrating my fertility issues? It’s been from one issue to another. When I got married I thought everything was fine with me until when I wasn’t getting pregnant and this became a concern to us even though my husband was not really showing worried.

We decided to go to the hospital after 2 years of trying, it became obvious to us that something was not okay. We did the tests we were asked to and the report showed that I had PID but mild, so I was given drugs to help treat it.

After treating the PID I was expecting that I will get pregnant but it still wasn’t happening. Then after about 3 months, I went back to the hospital and I was placed on some fertility drugs.
I took the drugs and kept visiting the hospital, most times I go alone because my husband was no longer showing interest in going and I kept going for like 6 months but nothing was happening, it was just fertility drugs I was getting and taking so I decided to do another series of test and it was discovered that I have developed ovarian cysts and the PID was now in an acute stage.

Now I needed to treat the cysts and acute PID, so I was introduced to another fertility clinic, then the same process started again and after some time my scan report showed some mass seen and they said it was fibroid. I kept looking for a solution, at this time I was 4 years and 7 months into my marriage, no pregnancy for once and I became tired of everything. I was in this state when I stumbled on Fertil24 Herbals instagram page, I have never tried herbal products before, and don’t even know anything about these herbs but something in me kept telling me to try the products, this was how I made enquiries and I was able to get what I needed for my issues.

I then started taking the products for about 2 months plus and that was how I got pregnant. I want to say a big thank you to Fertil24 herbals for these products that work.

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