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Ovarian Cysts & Multiple Fibroids Disappeared

My scan report showed ovarian cysts and multiple fibroids. I never knew I will ever face fertility problems because I never wanted to.
I was happy I got married at the age of 25 and I thought by the age of 30, I will be done with childbearing, even if I had to be having them every year.

Everything I planned did not work, instead, I started hearing stories. It all started in the year 2010 when I went to see a gyno who placed me on clomid to help me ovulate so I can get pregnant, this was after waiting for 12 months of actively trying to conceive because I wedded in 2009.

I took the clomid for 3 cycles and nothing happened. I went back again to the gyno and I was to continue with the clomid with other medication, I did this for another 3 cycles. Still, nothing happened.

Then I left that gyno for another who also placed me on the same clomid for 2 cycles but still, I couldn’t get pregnant.

One morning, I started feeling pains in my abdomen, I went to the clinic and was asked to do a scan which I did. The report showed ovarian cysts and I just did not understand because what I wanted was to get pregnant then which one is ovarian cysts?
This was the first time of hearing something like ovarian cysts, and it was found in my scan report instead of finding pregnancy that I have been going to the hospital for.

Then I went to explain to one nurse that has a chemist close to my house and she told me that the ovarian cysts were likely caused by the clomid I have been taking. Then it occurred to me that I have used my both hands and legs to caused trouble for myself because I was the one that went to the hospital even in that 2009 that I wedded, though I was asked to wait for 12 months. Then I started taking clomid that have caused me trouble.

I still did not stop there, I kept going from one hospital to another so I can find a solution to get pregnant. Then it got to 2015 when I was asked to do a scan in this particular hospital. The report came out and showed that I have ovarian cysts and multiple fibroids. Oh, I remembered that day, it was a very sad day for me.

Then I started going from place to place, drinking whatever I was asked to drink and still, nothing happened. This prolonged for several years. Then it was now 2017 and it was my husband’s 40th birthday. We decided to mark it with some family and friends and so sent out the invitation.

My sister-in-law came in and walked straight to my room and the first thing she said was, is it an adult birthday you should be celebrating instead of celebrating your child’s birthday?

This came as a blow to me, and I knew the insults has started coming in. This was one of the reasons I didn’t want to have issues with fertility because I know sometimes it comes with insults.

Oh, I cried that evening not knowing that the insult came as a blessing in disguise. My husband’s friend who came with the pregnant wife walked straight to the kitchen to get water for the wife.

Then the wife grabbed my hands to a corner and was like, why are your eyes red like this, bring your makeup let me cover it, you should look finer than this, it’s your husband’s 40th birthday.

She just went on and on, then I told her what my sister-in-law said.
She too was shocked, why on that day? Then she said, don’t worry, we are owing you a gift. She said she too passed through some fertility challenge and then she ordered some treatment from fertil24 that got her pregnant.

My eyes lit up because I was seeing the pregnancy live. There and there, she brought out her phone and called fertil24 office and asked me to go ahead to explain my fertility issues. I did and she ordered the kit for me as my husband’s birthday present.

In exactly 2 months after taking the treatment, I got pregnant same 2017. I put to bed a baby boy in July 2018 and have gone for a scan after birth that showed no ovarian cysts and fibroids.

After struggling to get pregnant for 8 years, Ovarian Cysts and Multiple Fibroids Disappeared.

Thank you Fertil24. Now I can celebrate my child’s birthday!


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