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Pregnant With No Fibroid

I am pregnant with no fibroid. I got married at the age of 36 and wanted to conceive and start having children since I did not marry on time. I started taking folic acid months before my wedding and was expecting to become pregnant the first month after marriage but that did not happen even after months.

I went for fertility examination after 6 months in a teaching hospital but the doctor I met said I should come back after the next 6 months to make it one year because that is when its best to check for fertility issues that I need to try for one year. So I went back home trying to conceive up to one year but still no pregnancy.

On my own, I decided to go for a scan and the scan result showed multiple fibroids. I was angry with the doctor and myself, that why the doctor should ask me to wait for one year and blamed myself for not going for the scan in the first place.

I went to a private hospital and was told to undergo surgery to remove the fibroids, that I will become pregnant after removing the fibroids since it’s the fibroid that is preventing me from getting pregnant. I did the surgery and was waiting to become pregnant but instead, the fibroid started growing back when I did another scan seven months later.

I was so depressed knowing that the fibroid has started growing back but the doctor said I should not worry that the fibroid there will not prevent pregnancy. After another 2 years and by this time I was 39, the fibroid size has grown bigger and was now preventing pregnancy and surprisingly I was asked to come for another surgery but this time I refused.

Months later I discussed with my friends on my issue and discovered that it is very possible for the fibroid to grow back after surgery which I initially did not know. One of my friends mentioned FERTIL-24 and she gave me a website address www.fertil24.com to visit and said her sister used your products and became pregnant.

I went through the website and then sent a mail on my issue. The mail was responded to the same day and I was very happy and relieved. Without delay I ordered the recommended FibroCare kit, the kit was for 3 months. By the 3rd month, I discovered I was always feeling asleep even while in the office, and my friend teased me and said, this sleep is something else, are you sure you are not pregnant, and I thought pregnant?

Well after work I went for a pregnancy test and behold I was pregnant and by the following day I went for a scan and no fibroid was found. I could not even believe it; I am so grateful to God that He gave me the wisdom to refuse a second surgery and to my friend that mentioned FERTIL-24.

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