FERTIL-24 Herbals

Scan Shows No Fibroid.

My name is Mrs. Dike Gladys, based in Port Harcourt. I wanted to come to your office to thank every one of you there and drop my testimony but for the time at work so I decided to go online to send my testimony from your website www.fertil24.com.

Firstly, I was surprised when I got to know from a friend in Lagos that got pregnant with your products, that you are in Port Harcourt where I am and I am here looking for a solution to conceive.

My friend’s baby is almost 2 years old now, then she ordered your product again and conceived the second time. She said that she does not want to waste time at all in childbearing because she was facing infertility issues before she found your fertility company. It was the day she went to do a pregnancy test and found she was pregnant I ran into her while shopping in Ajao Estate. When she told me your company is in Port Harcourt, I was surprised because I am based in same Port Harcourt.

I have done the fibroid surgery once but the fibroid grew back and this time it was multiple fibroids and then decided to look for a natural solution to it.
The day I came to your office I was at peace with myself and full of joy because of the encouragement I got from the fertility consultant who recommended Fibrocare Kit for me.

After exhausting the kit, I went for a scan and it was one small fibroid that was seen, the treatment was able to remove two fibroid sizes. Since there was no more supplement to take I came to your office (if you can remember that day I was really happy that I am progressing well) and got more treatment and I was told to start trying to conceive. That same month was when I conceived.

My pregnancy is 7 weeks old now and scan shows NO FIBROID and also I am doing very well.

Thank you so much.

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