FERTIL-24 Herbals

It’s A Boy And A Girl

I want to appreciate your products and everyone at Fertil24, I have asked myself how come I didn’t know about your product long before now.

I have been battling with fertility challenges for many years, up to 11 years of trying to conceive. I have done ovarian cyst surgery which I did about 5 years into my marriage. Then after that, it was fibroid issue and I was asked to go for surgery which I did. I had these 2 surgeries within 3 years and still, nothing happened.

Then I became very sad because the way the doctors suggested surgery, I thought that after the surgery I will be able to conceive but no, I did not.
In fact, after the second surgery, I lost my menses, which became an issue again for almost 6 months. After battling for the menses to return, it came but will only last for a day or two.

Then I started visiting clinics again, when I went for a test, it showed I have ovarian insufficiency, my ovaries were not good at all. I was given drugs but this time I decided not to take them, I had to do a rethink, I was okay several years ago, I only wanted to conceive when I started taking drugs, then it was a cyst and then surgery before I knew it another surgery and now bad ovaries so I told myself I was not going to take more drugs.

I started searching online for alternatives when I came across fertil24 herbals, oh I remember the relief I felt that day after going through the website. Then, I place my order and was surprised at the fast delivery and immediately I started taking the products and I could tell something was working well inside of me and this was how I conceived.

Today, I am a proud mother of a baby boy and a girl, a beautiful set of twins, glory to God.



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