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Someone Gave Me Your Company Contact

I got back from India when someone gave me your company contact. From the very first day I came to your office, I said to myself “I am also going to share my testimony” because the lady that gave me your contact shared her testimony with me though she said she is yet to send her testimony and today I am sending my testimony to you people.

Like I discussed with the fertility consultant, I have been married for 9 years now without a miscarriage let alone a baby. I have never missed my period for one day. I was in a relationship with my man without getting pregnant for one day, we dated for about 5 to 6 years. This got me worried when we were planning to come together as man and wife, I remembered discussing it with my mother who said I shouldn’t allow that to bother me that nothing was wrong but inside of me I was suspecting that something will likely be wrong somewhere.

After marriage, I tried and tried to conceive without success, then I knew I had to start seeing a gynecologist I was introduced to this very good gyno who checked me and after several tests, I was told I was not ovulating and was placed on some drugs but nothing worked.

I changed from one gynecologist to another here in Nigeria and nothing worked, that was how I was introduced to a gynecologist in India and myself and husband booked to see him in India. I was treated and after the treatment in India, we came back to Nigeria and still, nothing worked.

By this time I was not really happy with my body, it was like my whole system was no longer working well, this I could tell and I was beginning to tell myself that I have taken too many drugs and injections so going for IVF procedures with all those injections was something I was not ready for. At this point, all I wanted was to get my body back and that was how I ran into someone that gave me your company contact. She told me since what I desire is to get my body back that the best treatment for me now is natural fertility treatment and that FERTIL24 fertility treatment is the best natural fertility treatment she knows, that she has tried it and she knows some other men and women who have achieved success using your fertility treatment.

That was how I came to your office and started my treatment, I got the Mummy’s kit which contains FertilXtra for women, the powerful fertility supplement that regulated my ovulation. For the very first time in my life, I noticed I was ovulating when I saw this slippery thing, and I was like is this it? It was even the very first month of taking your treatment that I started ovulating and by the second month, it increased very well.

I conceived the third month and this was the first time ever I got pregnant. I am happy and grateful to Almighty God.
Thank you FERTIL24.

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