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Fertility Massage

Get fertility massage to enhance your fertilityFertility massage is a combination of specific massage techniques that help to support a woman’s reproductive health. These massage techniques are designed to prepare a woman’s body for conception.

Who Can Use Fertility Massage?

Any woman facing a fertility challenge can use fertility massage.

Fertility massage can benefit:

  • Women who are planning to conceive
  • Women who have been trying to conceive without success and want to add massage to their treatment program
  • Women who are using assisted reproductive technology, such as supplementation, IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization)

Fertility massage may be used as an alternative or combination treatment for women facing fertility challenges due to unknown causes or issues of the reproductive system such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, and blocked fallopian tubes.

At FERTIL-24, we offer fertility massage as a combination treatment for women facing fertility challenge and not as a single treatment, this way, your fertility can be speedily restored. If you are planning to request our fertility massage service, please know that we can ONLY offer this service as a combination fertility treatment.


Benefits of Fertility Massage:

  • Fertility massage reduce stress and put the body into deep relaxation
  • It helps to Increase blood circulation to the pelvic area thereby bringing fresh blood to the uterus
  • Decrease your PMS symptoms, regularize your menstrual cycles and decrease menstrual cramps and clotting.
  • It softens adhesion and assists in the removal of scar tissues from your fallopian tubes, allowing a clear passage.
  • It eliminates excessive hormones and supports hormonal balance
  • It supports the better functioning of the digestive system which may lead to increased fertility
  • It helps reposition tilted uterus

Fertility Massage is safe and does not have side effects.

Our fertility massage is combined with aromatherapy for optimal fertility enhancement and general wellness.