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Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

The health benefits of Cypress Essential Oil is due to its properties that brings relief to women with abnormally heavy bleeding and it has lots of other benefits:

Heavy Bleeding – Contract blood vessels to stop bleeding such as menorrhagia; abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation.

Pain Relief – Relieves menstrual cramps, muscle and joint pain, rheumatism, and osteoarthritis.

Eliminate Toxins & Excess water – Cleans your kidney, eliminates toxins and excess water from your body and reduce swelling by increasing the frequency and quantity of urination.

Nervous Stress – Calms your mind and body, and is beneficial for people who have suffered a major trauma or shock.

Optimal Liver Health – Promote proper liver function by maintaining adequate bile secretion and protecting the liver against any kind of infection.

Strengthen gums and tightens muscles – Causes the tissues in your gums, skin, muscles, and even hair follicles to contract, this strengthens them and holds them in place and prevents them from becoming loose or falling out.

Cures Spasm – Cures all types of spasm and also helps to cure convulsions, muscle pulls and cramps.

Blood Clotting – Promotes blood clotting

Respiratory Health – Tones up the respiratory system. Clears up congestion and makes breathing easier when suffering from cough and cold

Deodorant – Has a spicy and masculine fragrance and can be used to replace synthetic deodorants.

Treats Wounds – Treats internal and external wounds due to its camphene content.

Skin Health – Cleans the skin pores and openings of the sweat and sebum glands and prevents acne and other skin diseases.

Bed-wetting – Treats bed-wetting in children and older children


Incorporating fertility enhancing blend with essential oil helps to bring total healing to the body systems and restore the reproductive health to optimal functioning.

Caution: Essential oils are very sensitive, highly potent and powerful, it is important to avoid essential oils of low quality and purity as low quality and purity can also be dangerous to your health. Only purchase your essential oils from a reputable company and only purchase essential oils you can trust such as FERTIL-24 Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil Brands.

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