Mature Mummy’s Kit


Mature Mummy’s Kit is formulated for women of 45+ to balance hormones, boost ovarian health, enhance the entire reproductive organs and transport nutrients to the womb to conceive naturally.


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Product Benefits:

  • Helps to completely cleanse the body’s systems of toxins and accumulated toxins.
  • Stimulate the ability of cells to protect against disease, and relieve gastric and intestinal disorder, indigestion, and all gaseous complications.
  • Enhance mature women’s fertility over 3 months period.
  • Help balance your FSH hormones, improve ovarian reserve and triple your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Regulate irregular menstrual cycles and normalize the long and short menstrual cycles in women.
  • Help regulate the reproductive hormones, and encourage monthly ovulation. and improve the health of the female egg.
  • Nourish your reproductive organs, and help your baby to form successfully and grow properly in your womb.
  • Prepare your body to conceive, prevent miscarriages and help put a stop to recurrent miscarriages.
  • Encourage your body to absorb more nutrients as well as minerals and vitamins and help prevent birth defects.
  • Provide you the energy that will keep your body healthy for conception and prepare your body ready to carry your baby.
  • Bring your ovarian health to its optimal function and encourage fertility longevity.
  • Help your body prepare for all the stages of pregnancy.

Product Facts:

Mature Mummy’s Kit Contains:
1 Fertility Cleanse Kit (1 Detox Capsule and 1 Detox Tea)
3 bottles of Care for Women
3 bottles of Female Harmony
3 bottles of Immune Booster

Ingredients: Chaste Tree, Maca, Dong Quai, Tribulus, and other selected product blends.

How to Take: Take one capsule 3 times daily with a glass of water. Refer to the product guide.

100% Pure Herbal Blend: No added wheat, soy, yeast, gluten, artificial color, flavor or preservative.

Certification: Nafdac Certified.



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