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I Conceived With My Own Eggs At Age 49

I Conceived With My Own Eggs At Age 49. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the fertility consultant, fertil24 and the entire fertility team for the support I got during the course of my treatment.

Where will I start from? It all started at age 30 when I got married, I started having irregular menses, I was not able to say when my next menses will come because it was very irregular.

Sometimes, my menses will come twice in a month and sometimes it will come once in 2 months. Then I knew something definitely must be wrong somewhere so I decided to go do some checks.

Then, the results came out and I was told I have a hormonal imbalance and I was given some sort of medications to correct it. Instead of the medications to correct it things became worse. I started seeing my menses once in 3 months and this went on and on.

About 2 or 3 years later I went for another round of tests and this time, the result showed that I have high FSH, I got to understand that my eggs were poor and not good enough to help me conceive.

I kept taking medications, different medications and I was on this for several years.
I remember about the age of 40, about 10 years into my marriage, I went for another round of test. You know I kept doing these test from time to time and the results were always showing a hormonal imbalance, high FSH but my husband was always okay with his test result.

I have been to different places, from one fertility clinic to another and have done all I know how to do but I could not get pregnant.
I became tired and even frustrated which resulted in self-withdrawal. I stopped attending baby namings, or baby dedications, at a point I didn’t even know what was happening to me.

I was in the market one Saturday morning, this time it was in December 2017 when I ran into an old friend, we used to visit this fertility clinic together and then she asked me about the kids at home. My response was simple, I said there is no kid at home. Then her face changed and she asked, oh you mean you didn’t conceive all these years?

She told me she was done with childbearing and narrated how she and her husband discovered fertil24 in early 2013, that after taking the treatment she conceived and had a baby boy the same year. That by the time the son was exactly one year old her husband said she should conceive again. He got another treatment for her, that she conceived again in early 2015 and had a set of twins.

She wanted to give me the office number but she could not find it on her phone because she has changed her phone severally, then she promised to get the number from her husband.

She sent the number to me at night and I didn’t even know when I called that night but I was asked to call during office hours which I did the following day.

Then I placed my order. My first surprise was the delivery of the package, I received it in less than 24 hours.
To my greatest surprise, I conceived the third month of treatment. I discovered I was pregnant a few days after opening the last bottle in the Mature Mummy’s kit.

I conceived with my own eggs at age 49 in March 2018. The pregnancy was without any complication and the delivery was fast. I had a baby boy on December 1st, 2018.

I thank God for providing plants for healing and I thank Fertil24 for harnessing these plants to restore fertility.


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