FERTIL-24 Herbals

I Became Pregnant at Age 40

I have had several miscarriages, my husband and l have waited for pregnancy to happen for more a decade and we have spent so much money on consultation and drugs but all failed. I was booked for IVF by my doctor but a friend of mine advised that before going for the  IVF l should take your fertility supplement first, that it will increase the chances for the IVF to be successful and also it will help bring my body back to balance.

I reluctantly yielded to all she asked me to do and ordered your fertility supplement for myself and my husband, all I wanted was to use it to balance my body before going for the IVF but to our greatest surprise, I became pregnant before I could finish the third bottle.

My husband and I appreciate my friend for her advice, I hurriedly went back to her to share the good news.

Thank you so much and may God bless you.