FERTIL-24 Herbals

No More Irregular Menses

I started having irregular menses at age 15, I have visited the doctors, taken medications but I did not see any significant result. I then got married at age 26 and of course, the report was still the same and I became so worried because I have been going through this same issue for a very long time.

My husband was very hopeful and full of faith, he asked me to stop all medication because I have been on them for too long without noticing any significant result and so I did. Not too long he discovered the natural fertility treatment online, put a call to a live person and we decided to give it a try and by this time I was already 34  and I am happy we did because by the second cycle of taking the treatment I experienced a significant result concerning my menses and that was how I conceived.

I want to say that you so much.

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