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Blocked Tubes Opened Naturally.

Blocked Tubes Opened Naturally.

I wanted to get pregnant immediately after marriage and so I tried and tried but it was not happening. After about a year and 2 months, I decided to find out what was the issue.

I went to the hospital and ran several tests and the results were okay. My husband also did his test and we were told that his report was okay. We were told nothing was wrong that we should try more and so we went home trying more.

The more we tried the more it seems nothing was happening but inside of me, I knew something was wrong because we were trying, if something was not wrong, I should have been able to conceive.

Time went so fast, we had tried for 5 years and nothing happened, not even a miscarriage and I just know it was not normal so I decided to go to another hospital.

In this other hospital, we ran so many tests again and nothing was found, then I was asked to go for an HSG test.
I was happy because I am doing something new, I have not done this type of test before. I didn’t know what was waiting for me there.

I went to the diagnostic center for the HSG test and I was booked to come another day for the test. I went on the said date and after the test, the result showed my both tubes were blocked.

I didn’t understand that blocked tubes can be serious to correct, I thought I will swallow some drugs and then it will open. I was asked to come for laparoscopy and I did it.
I was told I will be able to conceive but still, nothing happened and by this time it was about 2 years after the laparoscopy and 7 years put together.

I went back to the hospital and I was told that the tubes are blocked, that I should come again for laparoscopy and that the only solution will be IVF.
Then I decided to look for an alternative solution and this was when I came in contact with FERTIl24 fertility and I was happy to know that they have a kit to unblock the tubes.

I got the blocked fallopian tubes kit and in exactly 3 months, I finished the treatment, then I decided to go for another HSG test and behold my tubes were opened.

I was very happy and that same month, my menses did not return. I got pregnant and today I am a proud mother of a baby boy.
Thank you to FERTIL24 fertility for putting the blocked fallopian tubes kit together and thank you for putting a smile on my face.


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