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I Got My Menses Back After Many Years

I got my menses back. Dear FERTIL-24, I am sending this email to thank you for your supplement and support during the process of taking the treatment I got from your fertility center.

It all started in my adolescent age when I started seeing my menses, I will flow for a particular month, then the following month my menses will skip and it will come again in one month’s time or even two.

This was the pattern for a long time and I thought it was like this for every woman. One day I was gisting with my mum and I mentioned it and my mother shouted and said, why didn’t I tell her about it? and I said I thought there was nothing wrong with me flowing that way and she said, no Ada, something is wrong somewhere and we must have to see a doctor.

My mother took me to the hospital and we I explained how I have been flowing to the doctor on duty. I was asked to go for tests which I did and the result showed that I have a hormonal imbalance.

I thought what is a hormonal imbalance again? anyway, I was given drugs to take. I went home with my mum thinking that everything will be fine after taking the drugs but I was wrong, it was the beginning of trouble.

My menses started skipping that in four months it will not flow. I started seeing my menses 3 times in a year, this was something that most women call monthly flow but in my case, it wasn’t. I went to different hospitals and the issue was the same.

Then I finished secondary school and then finished university, and started working, nothing changed. I met this guy who got attracted to me and started talking about marriage, then my heart started panting. At this stage, I was 29 but was not thinking about marriage at all because of my issue.

I have always been avoiding guys because I don’t want this marriage of a thing, and now this guy was not ready to take no for an answer so I had to tell him what has been happening to me concerning my menses since adolescent.

I was shocked when he asked me if that was why I kept telling him no and I said yes. He said I shouldn’t worry that when we get to that stage of our lives of having children, we will cross it together.

We went ahead for the wedding and we became husband and wife. To cut the long story short, several years passed and the issue didn’t really change. I was going from one hospital to the other trying to correct my menses so I can easily conceive.

At this time, I was 36 years old and became tired of taking different drugs and then I have developed other fertility issues like ovarian cysts and sometimes scan will show polycystic ovarian disease.

Then I decided to stop taking drugs, I have been taking different drugs for years since about age 12 when my menses started. I had to talk to myself, that it is better to be taking something natural than taking these drugs. That was when I discovered FERTIL-24 and consulted by sending an email to explain my case.

I was told I will have to do multiple fertility cleanse because I have been on drugs for a long time. The Cycle Regularize Kit was recommended. I got the kit and while I was on it I started feeling the signs of the menses trying to come back.

I finished the kit but the menses was yet to return and then I got another one month supply. I was on it when my menses came back and then I finished that and got another monthly supply, my menses came again the following month and again the following month.

I started having my menses come consecutively for four months, I now know what other women call monthly period for the first time since the onset of my menses.

I had wonderful support from the fertility center and then one day I called the fertility consultant Benney Ojo and shared my progress so far that I have been having my menses every month and then she said it is time to start trying for a baby and then she switched my treatment.

I stopped taking Cycle Regularize and started taking FertilXtra for women, my menses came for that month and by the following month, I became pregnant.

Oh, I just didn’t know what to do, other than to start crying. I am doing very well with my pregnancy and when my baby is born, I am going to send you my baby picture.

Thank you FERTIL-24.

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