FERTIL-24 Herbals

My Tubes Are No Longer Blocked

My name is Osayamen Edosa. I am from Benin City, Edo State. I decided to send you people my testimony because I read other people’s testimony and I was happy for them and I want to also share my own testimony with other people so that they will be happy for me.

You see, ignorance can really keep someone in bondage, in fact, it has kept me in bondage for so many, many years.

In 2014, I was told by my doctor that my both tubes are blocked after I went for HSG test and I said, okay what is the way out? I was told I have to go for IVF and the cost of the IVF was very high and I thought where will I get that kind of money from?

Apart from the tubes that were now blocked, I already have a problem with my ovulation, I have not been ovulating well and in some months I don’t ovulate at all. I have gone to the hospital and taken so many drugs including clomid but it didn’t help me ovulate.

I have taken concoctions from these local Bini women and have taken several things but nothing seems to be working.
This was what I thought I was battling with for about 6 years now since I got married in 2012 until I was told in 2014 that my tubes were blocked.

I went home not knowing what to do and I was just there. The way my doctor said it, it was as though nothing else can be done apart from the IVF.

Even though the IVF cost was high, I thought of trying to gather or borrow the money for it, after all, what is the use of having the money if no child to enjoy it? my mum will always remind me of this in my local dialect, but my elder sister was always telling me that the possibility of a successful IVF was slim since I have always been having problems with ovulation and if I go and borrow money for it and it fails, I may become depressed.

Several years went by until I met my half-sister in the market who told me about FERTIL-24, she said her colleague got a kit from their office and she was able to conceive, that I should give a try.

I got the blocked fallopian tubes kit and finished the treatment. I went for another HSG test and my tubes were no longer blocked. I called the FERTIL-24 office and I was told to start trying to conceive. I was also asked to order Fertilxtra for women with Evening Primrose Oil to support my ovulation and that was how I conceived.

Pregnancy for me was very beautiful, my baby was born on October 6th, 2018. I had a handsome baby boy.

I am really happy and for those that will read my testimony, if you are trying to conceive just go ahead and get your kit and if you are already taking your treatment, keep taking it until you conceive.

Thank you so much.

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