FERTIL-24 Herbals

It’s Great To Be Fertile Again.

I have been trying to conceive after I had my first baby and nothing seems to be happening. Then it got to the 4th year and I thought this is no longer normal so I went to see my doctor.

After several tests, I was told that I was not ovulating, and this is the reason I am not getting pregnant.

I was placed on Clomid and other fertility drugs which I took religiously but nothing happened and before I know it, it became 9 years of trying to have another baby with no success.

In all the number of years, there was no time I was relaxed because I know my husband wants more children and I also did not get married to a very young man, at the time my husband and I got married, he wanted to have his children quick but sadly it didn’t happen the way he planned.

My husband was no longer happy with me. I was the cause but it wasn’t what I planned.
I was discussing with a friend that I haven’t seen for a while when she asked if I have heard of Fertil24, and I asked, what is fertil24? Then she told me they are a natural fertility clinic and said I should try them and she gave me the website address as fertil24.com

After a few days, she called me again and asked if I have checked on them and I said no but that after our call I was going to check the website and contact them.

I did send an email to explain my issue and I ordered FertilXtra Kit for Women with OvuCare. Behold, after taking them for about two months, I could not believe what I started seeing. I was seeing that egg white mucus and so much of it and it was the very first time I saw something like that.

This was how I conceived and I am glad that my ovulation got restored and I am fertile again.
Thank you fertil24, you are all the best.