FERTIL-24 Herbals

My Husband’s Sperm Count Restored Significantly.

We got married and like every other couple, we desired to have our children. The first year passed and the second year was very busy for my husband and me but by the third year, we were more conscious of having children but sadly, nothing was happening.

I went to see my cousin’s doctor and she wrote some tests for me to go for. I went for the tests and the results were fine, there was nothing wrong with me.
Then my cousin’s doctor advised that my husband should also go for a test.

I related everything to my husband and encouraged him to go for his test. He was always busy here and there.

One early morning, we woke up staring at each other, it was our fifth wedding anniversary. It was as though the same thoughts filled our hearts that morning. Oh, it’s now five years and we have still not been able to sort out the issue of childbearing. My husband has not even gone for his test.

That day, my heart was heavy and I decided to check my facebook page, maybe I will see something that will make me laugh. Even though I saw my family and friend’s posts, congratulating me on my wedding anniversary, I could not respond because it is the same people that are asking me why I am not pregnant yet.

Then, I came across the fertil24 facebook page and I started going through their posts, then the website and immediately, I sent an email explaining our issue.

I was asked to do a test that is more current and that since it has taken so long for my husband to run his test, instead of waiting, I should place him on fertility-enhancing treatment and I thought that was a wise one.

I discussed with my husband and he was okay with the idea and that was how we ordered the treatment for both of us. I ordered fertilxtra kit for men for my husband and fertilxtra kit for women for myself.

I did not even know when I conceived, I just discovered that I was pregnant.
By the time my husband finished his kit, he decided to go for a test and it was perfect. That was when he confessed to me that he went for the previous test years ago but the result was bad, that he was given some drugs to take but nothing happened and he didn’t know what to do.

Today, I am a proud mother, may God bless fertil24.

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