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My Doctor Said I Will Not Be Able to Conceive Again.

I came across your fertility company when searching for natural fertility remedies to help me conceive on Google. I went through the both of your websites, fertilconsult.com and fertil24.com and I thought this is too good to be true because my doctor said I will not be able to conceive again.

I took my time to look at your product combinations, and it was clear to me that they will work effectively but because I have been told I will not be able to conceive again, I told myself the products are not meant for me.

Two months later I was having severe waist pain and then I remember I saw some essential oils on your website for pains and so I went back to your website to check again. Then I decided to try the essential oils because I was tired of taking drugs for just everything.

By the evening of that day, the pain has moved to my lower abdomen and immediately I picked my phone to call, to order for the essential oils for pain not knowing that this call will bring the solution I have been desiring for my fertility problems.

I explained to the lady that picked my call that the pain started from my waist and now it’s my abdomen and then she started asking me questions which I gave answers to. And because it has to do with my lower abdomen she asked me deeper questions relating to my fertility and I told her and then told her I have given up on the fertility problems that I just want the pain to stop and don’t want to take drugs because I have taken too many drugs concerning my fertility problems and have also tried so many products.

And then she said something that touched me, she said ‘why not try FERTIL24 fertility products instead of giving up on trying to conceive? And then I asked her if I should try again at 49 years of age with the menopausal signs I am having and then she said from all I have explained they are all pre-menopausal symptoms, and that it is even now I should try harder instead of giving up on trying to conceive.

Since she is the fertility consultant in the company and she has been able to enlighten me on my issue, then I decided to try again not knowing what to really expect.
I ordered for the treatment she recommended, the kit came very fast and so I started taking them. By the time I entered the third month of treatment, and my supplement was almost finishing, I called to find out what next to do and the fertility consultant asked me when was my last period, I tried to remember and discovered that I have passed my period with 4 days.
She asked me to do a pregnancy test and get back to her and behold the result came out POSITIVE. I got pregnant at age 49 at the time I started having signs of menopause, after trying for 20 years and never been pregnant before.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the fertility consultant, FERTIL24, Benney Ojo, thank you for your words of encouragement and support during my treatment and to use this medium to tell other women out there suffering from fertility problems not to give up, keep trying and try FERTIL24 fertility products just the same way I tried.

Thank you so much.