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We Are Happy We Got a Positive Pregnancy Test Report

I and husband have been trying to conceive for about 5 years now, we have done a series of tests that say we are both okay but still, we have been struggling to have a baby.

My husband works in a diagnostic center, almost every quarter we repeat these fertility tests and they come out okay. I became tired of doing these test, if we are okay then why am I not getting pregnant?

One Sunday evening we were in the sitting room watching a movie when a family friend knocked at the door, my husband went for the door and as he walked in, we noticed that he was holding a flier and we asked him what the flier was about.

I was surprised when he sat down and started telling us that his wife is 3 weeks pregnant (they have been trying to conceive for about 3 and half years now), that the flier came with the product he ordered for his wife 2 months ago from fertil24 in Port Harcourt and that the wife still have some of the supplements she was taking but she is already pregnant. He said he brought the flyer to give to us so that we can also get the product and see how it goes.

My husband collected the flier from him and told him we are going to look at it. When he left, we looked at the flyer front and back, and then my husband asked me to call the number on the flier. I put a call through and the lady that picked asked me to explain my fertility issues which I did. She told me the treatment that will be okay for me and said my husband should also take treatment to enhance his fertility since we are both okay.

The next day my husband paid for the treatment and it was delivered to my shop at Ikoyi, Lagos.
By the evening of the day I received my order we went through the manual and started taking the treatment.

The very day I finished my 3 months kit, I was feeling somehow, then decided to do a pregnancy test when I found that I was pregnant. I immediately called my husband.

I am 6 months pregnant and doing well with my pregnancy. I decided to send my testimony and say thank you FERTIL24 for your fertility supplement that works.