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My Fertility Journey

fibroids to pregnancy



I discovered I have fibroids in the year 2021 when I went for a scan though I wasn’t trying to convince yet, the scan report shows that the biggest size was 10cm and they were multiple fibroids. I started using one herbal drug which yielded a little impact but was very costly and I couldn’t afford it.

I needed something that is very effective so I discovered Fertil-24 Herbals around September/October 2021, I started using their products for fibroids, and it’s yielded a great impact and I continued with it when I went for another scan and discovered that the fibroids sizes had reduced massively and that encouraged me so much knowing that the products are working effectively.

In July 2022 I conceived and I am carrying my own baby what a testimony.

Fertil-24 Herbals products work effectively and you too can begin your own fertility Journey with them.

Thanks so much to Fertil-24 Herbals. You have made me a proud mother-to-be.

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