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My Pastor Said I Will Conceive Soon, and I Conceived

I am very happy sending my testimony to you people. I have been trying to conceive for 12 years and have gone to several places but still could not get pregnant. I passed through one fertility problem to another.

My doctor said I had fibroid which I removed, he placed me on Clomid and said I will do it for 2 cycles but at the end, I did not get pregnant. He then gave me for another cycle, still no pregnancy.

I got tired and stopped seeing my doctor praying that one day I will get pregnant but after one year of trying again with no success, I decided to go back to my doctor this time around it was November 2015. My doctor checked me and said I have an ovarian cyst and that they were multiple cysts and these ones will not make me get pregnant. I was angry, I thought I went there to try to conceive again but now it was another problem I got. I left my doctor’s office and went home feeling very sad. That day was on a Friday and it was our prayer service in church so I decided I must have to go to church to pray so as to feel better.

I got to church early that evening before the prayer service and as I was entering my church compound, my pastor was coming in, so he asked to see me.
I went to see him in his office and the first thing he asked me was what the issue was and that I am looking very sad. I had to pour my heart to him and explained that I have been on this fertility problem for 12 years now and it has been on and on.

After everything, my pastor gave me your website www.fertil24.com and told me his wife got your fertility products to help enhance her fertility, that I should contact your company for further details and said I should not worry, I will conceive soon.

I sent an email to state my fertility problems and I got a response telling me the products that will help me. I ordered and received my package on time. I remembered calling your company to thank you for delivery on time.

I felt so much better taking your products and that was it. I am pregnant.
My pastor’s wife delivered a baby girl and I am praying mine should be a baby girl also.

Thank you FERTIL24.