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We All Got Pregnant With Your Fertility Products

I got married in the year 2013 at the age of 26 which I thought was early and so will not have any issues with fertility but I was wrong. My wedding was on Saturday, October 5th, 2013, after my wedding I said to myself that by November 5th or so, I should be pregnant, I never knew I was just doing my own calculations.

I started going to the hospital early even before my first year wedding anniversary because I wanted to know why I was not getting pregnant but the doctors I met said I should keep trying that I have not tried enough.

I tried and tried for a complete 2 years without getting pregnant, this time it was December 2015, that was when I knew something definitely was wrong somewhere.
I went back to the hospital, the doctor asked me to run a series of test which I did and it was discovered that I have a hormonal imbalance. The doctor placed me on different drugs but nothing happened, that was when I decided to go online to see if there is anything that will help. I saw different companies but my spirit attracted me to your company and so I decided to follow my instincts.

I sent a mail asking for what to take for hormonal imbalance and got products recommended for me. I ordered the FertilXtra kit for women and followed instructions on how to take. I took my treatment religiously and then got pregnant.

My very close friend also has been trying to have a baby, she was always having miscarriages. I told her about my treatment and so when I conceived I also told her that I have conceived with your fertility products and then told her to call to know what to take. Because this time around she was no longer conceiving.

She called and then ordered her own treatment. She conceived and for the first time carried her pregnancy for more than 5 months that was when we knew she will be able to carry to full term.

There is this my friend’s aunt who is almost 46 years old and have not been pregnant before, my friend told her about your fertility products, that it has helped both of us conceive and that she is progressing well with her pregnancy, that she should try it. She did and she also got pregnant.

This my friend’s aunt also told her friend that is 49 years old and that her friend is pregnant now after taking your fertility product.

I told my friend I have to let you people know about this, we all got pregnant with your fertility products. I missed my period around May 2016 and put to bed a baby boy on 16th February 2017.
My friend put to bed on the 4th of April, a baby girl. As at the time of sending this testimony the other women are still carrying their pregnancies, so we are waiting for them to have their babies, but we are all doing well.

We all got pregnant with your fertility products, thank you FERTIL-24 for your fertility treatment that works, it worked for all of us.

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