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My Tubes Are Open and I Am Pregnant

I have been trying to conceive for about one year and 2 months. I got married at age 36 and wanted to start having children but nothing happened, then about 7 months into marriage I went to the hospital but was told to keep trying till one year, that if after one year I don’t conceive it will be termed infertility.

I went to the same hospital again after I did not conceive in one year. We were asked to do a series of test and my HSG test showed that my both tubes were blocked.

I was depressed knowing that it was the blockage that has been preventing me from getting pregnant and by this time I was 37 and really wanted to have my kids before age 40 because the earlier the better for me.

Somehow my husband managed to discuss it with his friend, a female colleague and asked her if she know of any good hospital that can help and because I was depressed my husband didn’t want to push me to go to the hospital, I just wanted to be all by myself so he decided to ask some friends if they know of any place that can help. That was how my husband’s colleague told him of FERTIL24, that she used fertil24 fertility products whenever she wants to conceive, now she has 3 kids and she said she is done with childbearing that my husband should get the products for me.

My husband got the products first even before discussing it with me, at this time I was no longer looking happy and didn’t even know how bad it was showing. He came home after work one evening with a package in his hand and handed it to me, I then asked what it was and he happily said it contains fertility products that will help open up my tubes and then I laughed because I wasn’t expecting anything like that.

I opened the package, looked at the products and liked what I saw, then brought out the manual and started reading. That same day I started taking the treatment.

The period I finished the treatment was when I was putting things together to open my shop and because of this, I did not tell my husband that the treatment has finished. I was waiting to settle down in my shop first so that if I need to take more treatment then I can concentrate better.

This took about two months and by the time I started going to my shop, I noticed that once I open my shop I will begin to sleep. That surprised my husband because I have always wanted to open this shop, so how come I now go there to sleep. One night as we were discussing the sleep issue, he asked me if I was through with taking the treatment and I then remembered that I am yet to tell him it has finished. He then asked me to call the fertility consultant so we know what next to do and because it was already late I told him I will call the following day.

The following day, I called the fertility consultant and I was asked to explain how my menses has been month after month, that was when I realized that I have not had menses for more than one month. I was asked to go for a pregnancy test. My heart skipped as I immediately remembered the sleep issue.

Behold, my pregnancy test came out positive, my tubes are open and I am pregnant.

I and husband are very happy. Thank you FERTIL24.

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