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Ovarian Cysts, Multiple Fibroids, and Blocked Fallopian Tubes

My reports showed that I have ovarian cysts, multiple fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes. The truth is that I gave up on having children.

I got married at the age of 35 and I and husband wanted to start having children immediately. It all started with Blocked fallopian tubes, after trying for some years to get pregnant, I and my husband went for fertility tests and then it was discovered that my both tubes were blocked. Then the doctor suggested we should go for IVF.

We went for the first IVF and it failed, then after about one year we went for another and it failed again. After these two failed IVF procedures, we were just there trying and hoping I will get pregnant one day.

Then my friend introduced us to this very good gyno, at this time it was about nine years of trying to get pregnant with no success. We went and we were asked to go for several tests which we did. Sadly, the results came out and showed that I have ovarian cysts, multiple fibroids with the blocked tubes that I thought were opened because my doctor did a flush or something but the HSG test showed that the tubes were still blocked.

This means that I have ovarian cysts, multiple fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes, only me, one person. And I thought, can one person have all these fertility problems? where am I going to start from?

This other gyno we were referred to suggested IVF as the only option. Then we went for the third IVF and it failed. By this time I was already depressed, the doctor has said I cannot conceive on my own, the chances for me to have children was very slim, I have too many fertility problems.

My husband came home one day with the news of Fertil24 and said he wants us to give it a try. He said we don’t have anything to lose after all we have tried multiple IVF that did not do my system any good that this one will do our bodies good. He has gone through the website and was very okay with it.

We went to the office and while going through fertility consultation narrating my case and my reports looked at, I remembered looking at the consultant’s face while carefully listening to her. She further explained the issues to me and then said to me, that all I need to do now is to focus on having my body back, that the pregnancy will be easily achieved when my body is okay.

My husband was very comfortable with that because he wants my body to be okay. My whole system changed after going through those IVF procedures. Now that we have seen something that will make me feel better, that was good enough.

Then we started taking the treatment that will open up my tubes, treat the cysts and fibroid. I did the first four months and the consultant asked that I go for HSG test and a scan to see how I have progressed.

I went for the HSG test. I have made progress, one tube was completely opened, this was the left tube. The right tube was not fully opened. The scan report has also improved, the cysts were no longer there and the fibroid sizes reduces drastically.

I was happy with my result and was also feeling okay with my body. We went with the new result to see the consultant and she said I have to push further.

We got more treatment for two months. While I was on the last bottle, one morning I woke up throwing up and by the time I put myself together, I called the consultant and I was asked to go for a fertility test.

Behold, the result came out positive. After 11 years of trying to conceive, I finally get a positive pregnancy test report. My baby will be due in February 2019. Many, many thanks to Fertil24.

Please keep up the good works!

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