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Secondary Infertility For 10 Years

I battled secondary infertility for 10 years. I had my first child in the year 2007 and then one year after I decided to have another pregnancy. I was consciously trying to get pregnant, calculating my ovulation days and all of that but nothing seems to be happening.

Two years later, precisely in 2009 I decided to go to the clinic to complain to my doctor and I was told to keep trying since I was not taking any family planning, I should get pregnant soon, the doctor said. I was given some medications to help the process.

I took all the medications and for several months nothing happened. I went to see another fertility doctor someone referred me to, this time around it was in 2010. I ran all the test I was asked to do and then whe the result came out, it was termed secondary infertility.

By this time my daughter has started school, after dropping her in school going back home will be too boring. I was doing my own business so had all the time and needed to have another baby so I can get through with childbearing and face my business but the pregnancy seems not to be coming forth.

In 2014, about 6 years of trying to conceive without success, now my daughter was already 7 years old. I found myself going from place to place, I needed to intensify efforts to get pregnant but the more I tried the more it seems nothing is happening.

Then my daughter started asking me for another sister, she said she is the only one that does not have a sister in her class, then she will begin to cry and when someone asks her why she was crying she would say my mother refuse to give me a sister.

What kind of a thing is this? I would ask myself. I started trying to have another baby just one year after having my daughter, why is this happening to me, I would ask.

Then it became 10 years of trying to have another baby, in January 2018, I was going through facebook when I saw fertil24 facebook page, I saw the beautiful post there and quickly navigated to the website and went through the pages.

I sent an email and it was responded to in less than 3 hours and I was so impressed. I placed my order and started taking my treatment. I took Fertilxtra for women, Antioxi-D, Organics-G, they were all in a kit.

By end of March, I discovered that I was pregnant. My pregnancy started growing and my daughter was so happy to know that I am carrying a baby I there.

It was indeed a baby sister, she came on December 15th, 2018.
My joy is full. Thank you Fertil24.

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