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My Test Report Showed Azoospermia but My Wife is Pregnant

My name is Mr. Adewale Abiola, I am from Ogun State. I and my wife have been trying to conceive for about 5 years now. We went to the doctor and several tests were carried out. My wife’s result was very okay but my result showed azoospermia, the doctor said I was not producing sperm at all and asked me to go for further tests and then gave me some drugs to see if there will be an improvement.

Several months later there was still no improvement, the test results were still saying azoospermia and since there was no improvement I stopped taking the drugs. The thought that I cannot father a child was always in my heart and my wife was always not happy, this was obviously affecting our marriage.

At this time I was very careful in my dealings with my wife, not to offend her in any way so she will not use that as an opportunity to leave me, I know she was always not happy, she could not hide her feelings about us not having children and I thought life has cheated me. I knew I had to find a solution even though I did not know how the solution will come since I was not producing sperm.

I came across your fertility company FERTIL-24 on your facebook page; the posts on fertility issues were very educating and I decided to narrate my problem by sending a mail. My mail was responded to in less than 24 hours stating that most laboratory we have does not effectively analyze sperm count and that it could be an extreme case of oligospermia which is low sperm count, that my sperm count may be extremely low and that for me to further know my fertility status I should order FertilXtra kit for men with Antioxi-D and take it consistently for 3 months and then go for another semen analysis test, that if after 3 months of taking this treatment my report still says azoospermia then I will know that I am really not producing sperm and that there could be blockages as a result of birth defects but that if there are traces of sperm cells then it means it’s an extreme case of low sperm count that could not be detected by analyzing my semen.

I understood this perfecting and since I don’t have anything to lose I decided to use the recommended product to see the outcome and I made a good decision because at the end of the third month which was precisely March 2015, I went for another semen analysis test and my sperm count was 19 million, I sent a mail to your fertility company to let you know the outcome and got a response that I should continue with treatment until my wife gets a positive pregnancy report and I did continue with the treatment and now my wife is 2 months pregnant.

I am fulfilled. Thank you so much for your support so far.

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