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Your Fertility Supplement is a Wonder

Your Fertility Supplement is a Wonder.
Dear FERTIL-24, I would like to start by thanking you for coming up with fertility treatment that works wonder, I only wanted to try your treatment because I have tried several places and done all I thought I know how to do. I will like to share my story on how it all started.

I got married to my wife as a virgin when she was just 22 so I never ever thought we will have any problem having children but sadly that was not the case. After our marriage months rolled by without her conceiving, but I was not bothered because I thought, well she is still young and was very sure she will soon become pregnant.

Months ran into years, about the third year we began seeking for help because I was now bothered, I did not expect we will have any problem having a child. We then went to the hospital for help and we were both examined and no fertility problem was seen after running several tests. The doctor told us to keep trying that it might just be the normal delay since nothing was wrong with us.

We went home to keep trying hoping that soon my wife will conceive but more years pass by without her conceiving. It was about the eight years that she began to show her worries; she was now 30 years of age and she cannot understand why she cannot conceive after 8 years of trying and I could not provide answers to her many questions as to why she cannot conceive especially when I married her as I virgin and my heart was full of pains seeing us going through this challenge.

After trying for 8 years, we didn’t need anybody to tell us to push further, we went back to the hospital, went to the lab to carry out the same round of tests we did years before but this time around the results was not good. My sperm count has become low, very low of about 3 million with a very high percentage of dead and immotile sperm, and her hormones became imbalanced.

We started going from place to place seeking help and spending lots of money without much result, most times it will take several months for my sperm count to increase to 4 or 5 million. Then friends and families advised we try herbal products because obviously, drugs were not working for us. We started taking herbal products, anything I see labeled to increase sperm count, and I will try. About the 12th year, my sperm count was able to increase up to 10 million and her hormones were fluctuating but sadly we became tired of taking these products and decided to rest and trust in God for a miracle.

How time flies, years ran by and we were in our 20 years of trying with no results. By this time my wife has given up, she was 42 years old and thought we would never have children. I started looking for solution again, our doctor had earlier suggested IVF but my brother who is also a medical doctor examined us and said if we choose to go for IVF, I should go and put millions of naira together to start trying, that I am going to try for multiple times and further advised that I look for natural herbal product that is carefully processed, he called it organic herbal product, that these ones have more benefits in the body system.

A few months later precisely in September 2014, I found these organic herbal products by FERTIL-24, I put a call through to the office, explained my fertility problems and FertilXtra kit for men was recommended for me while FertilXtra kit for women was recommended for my wife. I made my order and we started taking the fertility supplement, we took our fertility supplement alongside Antioxi-D and some other fertility enhancing oils.

My wife’s period never came at the beginning of the year 2015, she called the fertility expert FERTIL-24, and she was asked to go for a pregnancy test, my wife’s heart skipped and she started panting. I remembered I was going to work that morning but instead I promised her I will take her to do the test. She did a blood test, we waited for the result and got a positive pregnancy report. Tears rolled down my eyes and when I looked at my wife she was also crying. It was all tears of joy.

I saw her tummy growing bigger month after month while expecting our baby. Our baby was born on the 27th of August, a bouncing baby boy after waiting for 21 years. Your fertility supplement is really a wonder. I am grateful to God and I thank FERTIL-24 for their fertility treatment that works wonders.