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It’s A Bouncing Baby Boy & A Pretty Baby Girl

It’s A Bouncing Baby Boy & A Pretty Baby Girl. I promised I will be sending you people at fertil24 my testimony before getting your fertility treatment and I am glad I am doing that today.

I will try to keep my success story short because it is a long story. It has been from one fertility clinic to another, from one state to another. You know the most annoying thing is that I have always been told everything is okay with me, my doctor would say, you are okay, just go and relax and soon you should get pregnant.

I started hearing all that when I was in my early 30s and then I got to my late 30s and it was the same “go and relax” talk. Then when I clocked 42, I went to repeat all the tests again including the HSG test, again all the reports came out okay. Also, my husband’s report was okay and has always been okay just like mine.

Then, I began to think, wouldn’t it be better if my report is not okay, so I can have something to be battling with instead of being okay and still I can’t get pregnant for 12 years? I was totally confused and tired of taking different drugs for years.

Then one day I called my friend who is also a medical doctor and I was bitterly complaining that I don’t know what to do any longer and I was shocked when she told me that I should be grateful that I have not developed any problem as a result of taking those drugs for all these years and I said really?

Then I knew it was time to stop taking drugs even though I didn’t have a clear picture of what I should do concerning my case.

One early morning, my younger sister who is working in Ghana called me and after the normal greetings she said, aunty I am pregnant, and I said, oh congratulations. The next thing she said was that I didn’t call you because of me but because of you and I said how do you mean?

Then she told me of how she has been trying to conceive and that she finally got pregnant with fertil24 fertility treatments that she will really want me to try these supplements, that they are very good. Then she sent me the fertility consultant’s number to call so I can explain my case.

I was really skeptical because all my life, I have never known anything like natural fertility, all I know is to swallow drugs, I didn’t know there are other things that can support fertility apart from swallowing drugs.

Then the following morning, I called the fertility consultant, I introduced my self and called my sister’s name and then she introduced herself as Benney Ojo, she was so soft and friendly.

I explained my case, it was a long conversation but she was so patient and even gave me words of comfort and recommended treatment for myself and husband to enhance our fertility. At the end of that conversation, I felt relieved.

I ordered the Mature Mummy’s kit which is a three months fertility treatment and even ordered an extra bottle of Fertilxtra for women and also got my husband’s treatment. Then we started taking our treatment every day, the process was very interesting because we were taking the treatment together.

Then it happened, a week after opening the fourth bottle of Fertilxtra for women. I missed my period, it was like a dream missing my period for the very first time in 12 years of trying to get pregnant.
I confirmed the pregnancy by going for a pregnancy test. Then my pregnancy started growing, it was like a dream.

I put to bed on August 11th, 2018, it was on a Saturday and I had a boy and a girl. God blessed me with a set of twins.

Thank you fertil24.


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