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Free From Ovarian Cysts And Absent Menses

I am free from ovarian cysts and absent menses
Greetings to you all at FERTIL-24. I am happy that I am sharing my testimony to you and to tell others not to give up when trying to get pregnant.

I got married almost late at the age of 36 and so wanted to start having babies immediately. I consciously started trying to conceive on my wedding night because I thought I was fertile on that day due to my calculation and I was praying that I will become pregnant but it was not so.

I kept trying every month to no success and by the 6th month I decided to go to the hospital to run some checks, I needed to know if there are issues so I can sort it out. So I thought, not knowing that it was not going to be easy.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and was given drugs to take home. I took the drugs and by the following month, my menses skipped. I thought it has happened that I have fallen pregnant. I was waiting for my pregnancy to grow, carrying myself like I was pregnant.

By the following month, there were no signs of pregnancy so I decided to do a pregnancy test and it stated negative. I was not pregnant and yet no menses so I decided to go back to the doctor.

He looked at my case and said oh, it is because of the ovarian cysts that it has resulted in absent menses and that is the reason my menses has refused to come.

I was devastated, I wanted to start having babies immediately and now I am presented with the different fertility challenge. I was given more drugs to go home with.

My menses came and skipped again and it became on and off. Whenever I don’t take the drugs, I won’t have my menses and I was made to understand that the drugs were to be helping my menses to come. I did this all through the year to the next year and before I knew it, I was 38 years old.
This is not what I want since I want to get pregnant, inducing my menses every month is not going to help me get pregnant so I decided to stop the drugs.

My colleague who just had a baby invited me for the naming. It was on a Friday and we were to go to his house together after work. On getting there, I decided to go straight to the wife who was attending to the baby at that time.

We started gisting before the naming will start and then I quickly told her about my fertility challenge then she told me about fertil24 and said she also had some challenge and got some treatment to enhance her fertility from their website. She gave me the website address. I quickly opened the site and bookmarked it on my phone.

I got the cystcare kit to treat the ovarian cysts and balance my hormones and the cycle regularize to help with my menses naturally without having to induce it. My menses started coming on its own and I got pregnant in the fourth month.

My baby was born on July 5th, 2018, she is so pretty. It was good I honored my colleague’s invitation that day.

Thank you.


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