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Got Pregnant Naturally & With Fibroid Seedlings

I got pregnant naturally and with fibroid seedlings. I got to know about your fertility center when I was searching for a fertility solution online. I spent a lot of time on your website on that very day going through the various fertility treatment description.

I was really happy with what I saw, I am also a medically inclined person so I was also able to relate with some terms used on your website and so I decided to come over to your office since I am based in Port Harcourt.

The very next day I made my way to your office, I was experiencing severe abdominal pains while under my menses, I have been suffering this for years now. Sometimes I end up not being able to go to work trying to manage the pains at home.

I actually came to the office that day to see what will stop the pain because I have used so many drugs and the pain keeps coming back. This was now more than menstrual cramp because it was all over my waist, coming down my legs.

I remember during the process of consultation I was asked if I was also trying to conceive and I said yes. Even though I was trying to conceive and have been trying for some number of years now, the pain was almost more of a concern. I wanted it off my back.

All the test I did said I was okay and my husband was also okay. And I was given treatment to work on the pains and also FertilXtra Starter kit for women to enhance my fertility.
By the next month, I discovered that the pain has completely stopped and I was so happy. I even went to work while I was under my menses and I thought this is a miracle and praying for it to be permanent, no more pains.

I work in a diagnostic center and decided to do a scan since I am no longer feeling the pains. I wanted to have a satisfactory report, no pain, and a clean scan report. By the time I did the scan, the report showed that I have seedlings of fibroid.

I remember I came straight to your office to show the fertility consultant the scan report and when I was attended to, my previous scan report was looked at which state no fibroid and the current one says there was fibroid. I was told that it is always better to confirm a report in another diagnostic center but that sometimes, even after confirming the report, they both can state different issues.

I was advised to continue with FertilXtra for women, I remember vividly that the fertility consultant said since I am on FertilXtra for the second month now, that my body has already absorbed the treatment and she is going to allow FertilXtra to do its work by supporting my fertility and helping me fall pregnant instead of altering my treatment at this time.

I was also told that since the scan report shows fibroid seedlings, that when I get pregnant and put to bed that the fibroid may no longer be there due to hormonal changes as a result of the pregnancy.

I did as I was told and that was it. I conceived that month, exactly 2 months after taking FertilXtra for women treatment. I conceived in March 2018 and put to bed on November 30th, 2018.

I am really happy and I want to say a big thank you to you all at FERTIL-24. Please publish my testimony on time.


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