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I Conceived For the First Time In 15 Years

I have been trying to conceive for almost 15 years now and have done all I know how to do and visited so many hospitals with no success.
My mother-in-law that was my friend all these years gave up on me and became my enemy.

It all started from a hormonal imbalance to fibroid. I did myomectomy to remove the fibroid but the fibroid came back again. My husband encouraged me to go for another surgery to remove the fibroid which I did and by this time we were 14 years in marriage. The doctor said after the surgery I will be able to conceive but the pregnancy never came after one year of the surgery but instead, I was told the fibroid is trying to grow back when I went to see my gyno for a checkup and I became fed up.

I got married on my birthday at age 25 and it was my birthday again, I was already 40 with no child in marriage. All through that day, I was deep in thoughts when something said, “pick your phone” I picked up my phone not really knowing what to do with it, somehow my hands went to the browser and my WIFI was on. I don’t know what I typed, all I saw on my screen was google searched results and I saw this fertility company fertil24.com. And I thought how did I get here?

I searched the website and saw something that suits my age group called Mummy’s Kit and also Matured Mummy’s Kit and then found a number to call to recommend the best for me.
The lady said since the fibroid is in its early stage trying to come back, I can enhance my fertility to conceive and recommends the Matured Mummy’s Kit since this kit will suppress the fibroid cells and enhance my fertility to conceive naturally.

I took the treatment, they were quite easy for me to take and by the fourth month, I conceived for the very first time in 15 years.

God is faithful.

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