FERTIL-24 Herbals

My Joy Is Full

Yes, it is a thing of joy to be pregnant and I think I am happier because I was not expecting this pregnancy so fast.

We have been married for 6 years and no kids, although we were not bothered at the beginning and this is because we wanted to have some time for ourselves before the kids will start coming.

After trying for some time, I went for checks and I was confirmed okay but my husband was not always chanced to go for his test, he kept saying he is okay and that was how we got to 6 years with no kids.
Then during the lockdown, my husband eventually went for a test and it showed low sperm count. He was placed on drugs but when he repeated the test the report was even worse.

Then, my elder sister advised that we get something else to boost our fertility, that was how I found your website and made my order for myself and my husband.

Wow, I was shocked at the speed I conceived, now I am pregnant.

Thank you fertil24 herbals.


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