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My Reproductive Organs Completely Cleared Of Adhesion

My name is Ifunanya from Onitsha. I have been married for 3 years without a baby.

We started running several test which all came out fine except for the HSG report which discovered that one of my tubes was blocked.

The doctor did tubal flushing twice but I still didn’t conceive. I also had laparoscopy surgery done in October 2019 and the doctor said I had dense adhesion covering the whole reproductive organs and that I need to go through another surgery to remove the adhesion to open up my tubes. The doctor also recommended that I go for IVF.

I didn’t want to go under the knife anymore that was how I contacted Fertil24, I showed them the doctor’s report and they recommended some herbal products for me and they assured me everything will be fine.

I repeated the HSG test two months ago and discovered that my both tubes are now open, the doctor was surprised at the result.

My husband and I are so happy. I’m now working towards getting Fermedies Care for Women and Fermedies Female Harmony to enhance my fertility, and I know another miracle is on the way.

Fertil24 Success Story

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